Two Words Only

Yesterday I met the most incredible clown midget while I (vast cathartic) I felt feline experience who gave me a resounding spanking on my seldom revealed nether regions. Meanwhile, a frog prince accompanied by his lover, who licked. Suddenly, I blinked hard *chemical reaction*. Licked Frog. Sorry officer.

Irresistible urge to masticate, to urinate, belch & break wind before running quickly to the closest telephone booth where I farted wetly (rédhibitoire penguin) sandpapering my fingertips, because they were being eaten by babies, fluorescent tadpoles. No! We, the last cowboy standing, erect and shaking his tickling stick shining through, couldn’t possibly…

(sorry guys, but I have too much work and I don’t have time to finish this post. Why don’t you finish it for me and add two words each, in the comment box, I’ll add your suggestions to the text gradually. Not more than two words, those are the rules, although you can participate as many times as you wish. I promise I’ll be back tomorrow).

Update: Oh God, is that what my posts usually sound like?

Update 2: Can you guys get any sicker?


51 Responses

  1. …most incredible…

  2. clown midget…

  3. vast cathartic

  4. I felt

  5. feline experience

  6. resounding spanking

  7. seldom revealed

  8. nether regions

  9. Meanwhile, a

  10. frog prince

  11. accompanied by

  12. his lover

  13. who licked

  14. suddenly, I

  15. It seems that syntax is a bit mad in Madwillow’s world. But anyway, this post is going to be out of control, I love it. Please do continue.

  16. blinked hard

  17. chemical reaction

  18. sorry officer

  19. irresistible urge

  20. to masticate

  21. to urinate

  22. belch & break wind

  23. before running

  24. quickly to

  25. the closest

  26. telephone booth

  27. farted wetly

  28. rédhibitoire penguin 😉

  29. sandpapering my

  30. fingertips because

  31. they were

  32. being eaten

  33. by babies

  34. fluorescent tadpoles

  35. No! We,

  36. the last

  37. Cowboy standing…

  38. erect and

  39. It seems the concept might be somewhat lost on some.

  40. shaking his

  41. tickling stick

  42. Shining through…

  43. couldn’t possibly

  44. speak French…

    I don’t like being 50 yet.

  45. In disbelief,

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