Henry Who?

It is important to always watch my silly videos till the very end.


29 Responses

  1. Ha ha! I bet he was standing right on the Bd Henri IV when he asked you.

    This Boulevard is rightly famous as the location of my very first translating job when I first arrived in France. It says so in all the best guide books.

  2. I only figured out what he meant about a second before the reveal…

  3. OH MY GOD! That was funny! Again, as always, you are one of the rare people who can make me laugh out loud! (God I must a tight bitch!) That was good! Encore encore! 🙂

  4. I felt all smart because I figured it out straight away, and I don’t even know this street!

    Of course, maybe this just means I have a “stupid tourist” mentality.

  5. The bit I love most in this video is your “blank tourist look with the silly smile”. You do it so well.

  6. I beg your pardon but am I the only one here who seem to have trouble hearing you loud and clear?

  7. Ho, ho, you’re a little rascal, M. Frogwithablog. Very funny.

    P.S. As much as I love Routemaster buses, I think I prefer your former avatar which was more apposite to your marvellous blog. In my humble opinion. Not wanting to cause upset or offence. Sorry.

  8. That poor tourist is probably still wandering around the Place in circles…

  9. Bwahahahahahahaa!!! Wow, I had no idea where that was going until the very end! Very very funny.

    Though I suppose next time you’re accosted – I mean approached – by a tourist, you could ask to see the name of the street in his book.

    The baseball hat was an extra special touch. Bien joué!

  10. You are completely dotty.

    The ball cap was a nice touch.

  11. What I’d like to know is, when you asked him what language he was speaking which language were you speaking???
    Reminds me of the time I asked for Avenue Carnot (Charleville) when I was walking dowen Avenue Corneau and three people insisted I was in the right road. Must have been the accent.

  12. Very funny. Chapeau!

  13. I bet you’ll love this one, Bloggie Froggie : http://www.cestsoparis.com/attitude-game.php

  14. And also this article : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/01/04/wfrench04.xml
    I found both links on Céline’s great translation blog.

  15. Heheh that was very funny, and then you lifted his wallet and are now hopping about Paris as Stanley Rubenstein from Camden, New Jersey right?

  16. Oops! Earlier I meant “uptight” yeah sorry. :-}

  17. Bandwidht sux, can’t see the video. *pouts*

  18. I love you, Mickelino, I love you so much! I’ve been lazing around my apartment trying to recover from the killer headache from hell, unable to do a thing, and this was just the antidote I needed. I can’t stop laughing! I practically have tears streaming down my face…

    (OK, admittedly, I might have had a tad too much wine AGAIN last night, but that’s all Jenn Chevais’ fault…)

  19. Its always a joy to see how tourists mangle your home language. Before owning Hallett’s Mountain I used to live in Dwygyfylchi. Any offers on that one?
    Oh come on now…it’s easy…..

  20. Ah ah ah very funny, and a good sense of drama with a fantastic suspense and good ending 😉 …. it reminds me that my GF did a similar thing a few days ago asking about the VI arrondissement 😀

  21. very cute… reminds me of when I couldn’t speak French (and now I’m yelled at by my kids because I don’t speak English at home… another story) but what I’m impressed with is YOUR english ! How’d it get soooo good?

  22. You’re impression was spot on. Very funny. 🙂 And at least they tried! You can feel good about yourself for trying to help, too. I always feel good when I help tourists from getting on the wrong RER to get to CDG.

  23. Frog – another brilliant FWAB-TV! You are the cutest and most fun Frog ever! I will be in Paris very soon, and until then, “adieu”.

  24. OMG, what are you like! 🙂 Roman numerals hey, maybe the poor tourist never had it in his school curricula….

  25. Classic.

    I’ve never understood why people always pronounce ‘je’ as ‘jay’. Even in English it wouldn’t sound like that.

  26. Voir, mon français est si mauvais mais je dois vous dire, je longtemps de m’asseoir avec vous. Je vous aime comme un frère. Comment c’est possible ? Comment peut-il être ? il est juste . Je ne dis jamais des choses que je ne veux pas dire et je n’écris jamais des chèques, mon âne ne peut pas

  27. oh that was too easy…
    give us another one!

  28. That’s a good one. Just think the countless future visitors you’re helping with that one.

    That’s almost like when (American) tourists can’t figure out Avenue of the Americas and 6th Avenue are the same streets in midtown New York City.

  29. That was too funny 🙂

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