Previous Life

I am convinced I  was an Egyptian prostitute in a previous life.

How about you?

That’s all.


19 Responses

  1. Maybe a poet in greece… (ou pas.)

  2. well … I remenber .. I was a Beef Noodle soup ..
    ( )

    burp .. nobody’s perfect 🙂

  3. According to my karmic reading:
    “You are an old soul, someone who, in prior lives, has had responsibility for the welfare of many others. Through your actions or the actions of others, you saw those in your charge suffer. This time around you are still blaming yourself for their suffering. In some circumstances you have chosen to incarnate with those very same people..” (HUH? REALLY?) and: “…In ancient times you may have been an astrologer or alchemist. You may have been ostracized or imprisoned for your beliefs or actions”. (OH NO! I was a witch?!)

    So, apparently I’m the best person to come to if you are suffering (but it doesn’t really sound like you are!)

  4. I’d pay 50 deben. HAHA

  5. I was wondering about the dark kohl you were wearing on the weekend, but decided not to say anything. Glad you brought it up though, because it was making me feel uncomfortable. It was slightly smudged under your left eye, you see, and made you look as if you had been given a black eye.

  6. I know I was:
    – an Egyptian Scrib during the Hatchepsout’s reign…
    – a Russian prostitute in the eighteenth century…
    – an archaeopteryx (this dinosaur was a birds’ ancestor)…
    – a butterfly one day…
    – a writer’s secretary in the nineteenth century…

    What else…?

  7. What do you mean “was”?? I, however, am still Marie Antoinette, leading sheep around on ribbons and telling people to eat cake with mice in my hair. Classy, that’s me.

  8. Hilarious! I always joke that I must have been French in my former lifetime, ’cause I can never quite explain my fascination for the French language and culture, something that seems to have been ingrained in me really early on… So I like to think that I lived in 19th-century France and spent my time in the company of Chopin, Liszt, Georges Sand, Delacroix and the like.

    Or something like that.

  9. (OK, so I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic — I know it’s sappy, so shoot me!)

  10. clearly you were. that goes without saying.

  11. ps. You have made me think about this subject all day. Bravo. I strongly believe that I was a collector of coconuts. And maybe, once upon a time, a milkmaid. Make of that what you will.

  12. I think I was an uber-successful extra-large black female opera singer in at least one of my previous lives.

  13. I am sure I was a “gun moll” in the Roaring Twenties in the USA – perhaps one of Al Capone’s gals!! 🙂

  14. Ummm, a rickshaw driver in Shanghai.

    I, too, often get the “old soul” observation from the various charlatan fortune tellers I’ve frequented. Unfortunately, I feel that it’s just my eye cream letting me down.

  15. Un parasol, ou parapente, tout dépend du point de vue et du vent.

  16. i knew i recognized you from somewhere – i just couldn’t figure out where.

  17. Do you bellydance?

  18. I am, was and will always be a hit man.

  19. Wow. Can I have your phone number ?

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