Serbian Lesbian, Sunday Mass and other things

I got up at 10 this morning, it needs to be stressed because considering it is Sunday and that I usually get up around 2pm on Sundays. This needed to be stressed.

Anyway, just a quick note to complain about some major unfair world event that took place yesterday: the Eurovision Song Contest. You know I’ve loved this show for years. My sister and I used to record it every year and learn all the songs by heart and then perform the songs in phonetic Croatian and Greek in our parents’ living-room up until 2 years ago 15 years ago (with the choreography and all). Then I moved to Sweden where I could explore my true Eurotrashself freely thanks to Swedes’ genuine interest in the show. Then I moved to Thailand where they barely knew where Europe was and finally, I moved back to France where hardly anybody watches the show, but where thankfully I met Rhino who took over the role that Sweden and my sister had held so perfectly for years. But this year, Rhino left me for some obscure wedding party in London (like hello, what are your priorities Rhino?) and abandoned me alone with someone who doesn’t give a shit about THE event that makes me shiver more than a French presidential election or the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Yes, dear readers, I was left alone watching the show with my snoring friend next to me whom I’d wake up regularly by saying things like: Wake up, it’s the Serbian Lesbian now! or Wake up it’s the British Trolley Dollies now. He only managed to stay awake during France’s performance which he thought was very good (he’s so French) and then went back to sleep. Well my two favorites were Ukrainian Tranny and the UK Trolley Dollies (whom I voted for). But it was Serbian Lesbian who killed them all and brought back her ugly trophy to Belgrade. France and the UK shared a comfortable 24th position (out of 25 songs) and equalled their last year’s performance.

So I got up at 10 this morning. Made breakfast and turned on the TV. It was Sunday morning mass. I immediately switched channel but couldn’t, no batteries left in the remote control. Aaaaah, I’m stuck with Sunday morning mass and the techie that I am can’t even change channel on the TV itself. Thankfully, I found this on My Boyfriend is a Twat which saved my morning and gave me a good laugh.

But then, I started my regular morning browse through my favorite blogs and realized that while some are complaining about Eurolesbians and Morning mass, some others are actually crossing the border to Afghanistan and are threatened to be abducted any time soon. Perspective. Do go and say hello to my dear Beaver friend who’s in Pakistan now, on her way to Kabul and save the world.

Ok, gotta go to my theater class now.


14 Responses

  1. Finally, I did not watch the show… and was very frustrated too. Fuck! 😦

  2. I think my favorite was Greece’s ‘Yassou Maria’.

    I enjoyed the way BBC reported on Serbia’s win:

    “At times, their routine resembled liturgical dancing. At others, it seemed to be a slow-motion lesbian porn film.”

  3. I only watched the first seven or eight and by the time I went to bed, Finalnd was my favourite, although the bird singing for Finland looked very angry. Perhaps she only just realised what Eurovision was about when she was on stage.

    Anyway, I was so disappointed to find out the Serbian Lesbian won when I woke up this morning. Yaaaawwwwwwww! How boring was her song?

    But I was quite amused to find out the Irish entry came last because they were truly dreadful.

  4. Je n’avais même pas vu la chanson française. C’est idiot comme chanson, j’adore.

  5. What is it exactly with you sensitive men and the Eurovision song contest?

  6. You KNOW if I could’ve been there, I would’ve. It was really funny because I got Eurovision texts from you and Sandrine JUST as I was demonstrating to the whole wedding party my mastery of the choreography for Diana Ross’s “Chain Reaction”. It was ALMOST an overdose of camp and a lesser homosexualist would probably have fainted, but I took it in my stride. Cue “You make me tremble when your hands moves lower, etc.”

  7. Listening to “L’amour en Anglaise” isn’t near as bad as listening to someone like Avril Lavigne trying to sing in French.

  8. I watched it! For the first time in years! In England! And I don’t know what the French coverage is like, but my favourite bits were the fillers with love in library buses and people in saunas. The English voice over was wonderfully surreal (not unlike the BBC quote above).

    The French should have won, I say, because wearing a draught excluder around the neck as a scarf is such a bold statement.

  9. […] Vía | Frog with a Blog […]

  10. This is why I love Rhino!

    It was ALMOST an overdose of camp and a lesser homosexualist would probably have fainted, but I took it in my stride.

  11. That was me, sorry. I forgot to sign my note above.

  12. Allegedly, they’re going to make a Eurovision Song Contest film – but surely you can’t improve on such a slice of kitsch perfection?

    In England, I like the way we pretend not to take it seriously but still get sniffy about the voting ‘blocs’; the national press the day after are never sure whether to just shrug or start proceedings to secede from Europe with immediate effect. Roll on next year!

  13. mm, well hasn’t the euro-song-contest always been about kitsch? but i agree, the serbian lesbian (who is actually turkish!) didn’t quite do it for me. and i thought les gars who were representing france would have won for the singer’s cliched french face and the song was fun.

  14. Thanks to technorati, I actually noticed this ref. Thanks Michelino – it means a lot to me. I’m sorry I’m not on more often, but you know, the super-hero thing takes time. *pretentious grin*

    Gros calins !

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