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  1. et M****

  2. I know nothing about French politics and even I’m wondering if this can possibly be a good thing…

  3. Such a bad news, though expected, plainly deserves to be written in full letters :
    F U C K !

  4. Tu l’as dis bouffie.

  5. I’ll second you on that !

  6. oh, shit!!

  7. i shed a tear … i leave the country tomorrow.

  8. Fuckity fuck

  9. Condoléances!

  10. I only just got here!!!

  11. I’m so sorry!

    Look at it this way, he’ll never be as bad as George W. Bush is – we have a clueless, arrogant devil for a President for the last 7 years!

  12. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

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