Black is Black

After meeting the DEHBS (Desperate Expat Housewives Blog Society), the FSWBS (Fabulous Single Women Blog Society) , the FKOTWBS (Fabulous Knitters of the World Blog Society), last night was the FFBBS’ turn (Fabulous & Flamboyant Boys Blog Society). Rhino and I put our tightest T-shirt on and met with a group of Parisian bloggers from the infamous Pédéblogosphère.

After having roamed the streets of downtown Paris for a while, accompanied by a group of 5 gentlemen, Rhino and I suddenly ended up in a strange world. A strange and very dark world. No it wasn’t a kinky club, you dirty-minded readers!
I don’t now if you’ve ever been blind, but if you want to see what it feels like, do visit the “dans le Noir”, a restaurant on rue Quincampoix in the Marais. The concept is simple. Have dinner in complete darkness and see how it feels to be blind for a few hours.

The conclusion is that we met fantastic people but that it’s not fun to be blind.

Amazing stolen picture from Rhino.


In the picture, from left to right: Matoo, Lord FiddleBubble, Rhino, Thanos, Norman and Ikare striking the pose in our dark restaurant.

And now, thanks to FwAB amazing TV, experience the whole thing live!


9 Responses

  1. ah ah AAAAHH, well done boy, well done 😉 your a great shooter 😉 of course at one o clock in the morning, in the middle of Paris, it must be sooooo dark 😀 I imagine i am very lucky since i was sitting by you, i enjoyed full conversations. and guess what, i love the conclusion…

  2. Brilliant! I could listen to you talk for hours my friend – you are so funny (and so SEXY). RRRRR!

  3. J’étais assise à la table d’à côté avec une caméra infrarouge :Matoo a enlevé une grosse bouchée de steak coriace et l’a glissée sous son assiette et Rhino s’est copieusement curé le nez!!!!

  4. Truly entertaining. I’m at work, on duty, so I keep sneaking in to watch but gotta go. Will come back, kisses!

  5. great job mickelino, ” un peu trop long au montage ” but bravo, one more time … make it shorter next time and it will be perfect 🙂

  6. Crikey, that was *almost* as long as the actual meal!! 😉 I see, however, that you were completely fooled by my famous wall impersonation. Hah! Ooh, just found a photo of you on my phone, I’m going to post it.

  7. Excellent, but you should get some nightvision cams, so we can see you crash into stuff! 🙂

  8. The trick to puring liquids when you cannot see is to put your finger in the glass (container) and when the liquid touches your finger, you stop pouring. The restaurant is an interesting idea but hardly similar to being blind. Most blind people have heightened hearing/feeling capabilities. They can “hear/feel” things that we cannot. For instance, they know when they are approaching a wall or an object simply by the change in the sound of their footsteps.

  9. AhAh two of my favourite blogger meeting in one of my favorite France capital.
    I am so jealous…

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