Time to vote for your favorite lo(o)ser

Remember this tacky video? Well, it’s time to vote for your favorite Nouveau Lo(o)ser 2007. Votes will be accepted till Monday night, Paris time. Once you’ve chosen your favorite song, click and then write your email address, you’ll receive an email that asks you to confirm your decision. (it’s in French, so fo those of you who don’t speak the language of Molière & Hélène Ségara, it basically asks you to click on the link and confirm. Watchout, it seems you can only vote once!

So here’s the deal: if you vote for me, I promise to send you naked photos. If you don’t want to see any naked photos of me (which is a legitimate decision), then just vote for me and send me naked photos of you. You see, it’s very easy.

Vote here


5 Responses

  1. The “vote here” link isn’t working for me, but I think I can find it. Good luck! Break a wig! (?)

  2. Handsome Frog – I did, of course, vote for you, and I WANT MY NUDE PICTURES! *DELICIOUS*

  3. Snif, snif. I don’t parle french, so, have no idea what the other are singing about. But who cares, right? I voted for vu! Please, naked pics nnot ecessary. The naked lips, and the swifty brows are tres bien.


  4. I will send naked pictures of me if you do really vote for me (including you frog !) so, still interested in frogy-miky (héhé) non, ceci ‘est pas de la concurence déloyale, je fais appel à tes arguments frogy 😉

  5. Ok, j’ai voté pour toi. Peut-on troquer des photos de toi nu contre un café ?


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