La Nouvelle Lose on FwAB TV


April is the musical month here at Château Le Frog. While we are still waiting for FwAB Academy’s last entry, I’m part of another contest. The Nouvelle Lose contest. Thanos, Zep and Ikare organized it and a lot of my daily reads are part of the ordeal and since their blogs are all more popular than mine, I urge you, dear readers, beautiful & sexy readers, to vote for me as I have a feeling the prize is going to involve some strip-tease or kinkiness of some sort. Isn’t one of your objectives in life to make your Frog happy? I’m asking you, dear, wonderful & amazing readers?

Here is the trailer of the Nouvelle Lose (in French) and underneath, my entry. Then, you can use you small & delightful fingers and click here to see the other participants and vote for your favorite.


37 Responses

  1. OMG, so great, i hate you you are so good in your videos. i feel really ashamed with what i have prepared, i must do a new one, a better one.. frog (i think i know who i am about to vote for 😉 mais chuuut, je suis ici incognito huhu…)

  2. ” .. chapeau bas .. ” frog, yu’re ze best …
    … sniff … I feel very very very small in front of you … keep on ” frogin’ “

  3. Hahaha, your Grace Kelly is incredible, I thought it really was her. I fully expect to see you riding around the 11th in a sportscar wearing a headscarf … but don’t let the kid drive!!

  4. My hero. You get my vote.

  5. but your entry isn’t there? and it’s so much better than the others!

  6. OMG, how did you know that was my favorite song of the moment? i am SO going to vote for you like a million times.

  7. hey wait, i’m with wendy, where’s your entry??

  8. So convincing I felt the need to warn you about winding roads. Please drive carefully.

  9. Thanks guys, it seems that you’ll have to wait a few more days to vote as all the entries haven’t arrived yet. (Sounds familiar?)

    Thanos: I’m looking forward to seeing you on screen, if it’s as good as your FwAB Academy entry, it’s a winner!

    Bloingo: thanks, I’m flattered, especially this compliment coming from the king of podcasters.

    Rhino: I never let Steph drive again. She’s out of control, see what happened to me now.

    Wendz: I’m so happy you are here, and me who thought you had taken a break from blogging. Fun to have you back.

    Sam: I listen to this song every morning and it puts me in such a good mood. I love it too and Mika is just sooo charming isn’t he?

    Babs: Winding roads? You know I can’t even drive right? Squeezes anyhow.

  10. It loaded last night and was great–I wanted to share it with my hubby over breakfast, but now it’s not loading. 😦 Is it something with dailymotion or is it just crappy luck for me?

    And the “loose” for “lose” probably for “loser” is very charmante. 🙂

  11. loved ur mika impression hahaha

    I voted for you 😀

  12. Ma perception, ma philosophie, ma vie vient de changer.
    J’ai eu une apparition, sorte de révélation disco…
    Oh Yeah !

  13. Oh Micke! I loved your video, but I ALMOST didn’t vote for you! Ptimogwai’s video was excellent, and Ikare did that sexy reverse smoke thing!

    Wait, there’s no button to press to vote, just the little circle, how do I confirm the vote?

  14. I do not even need to consider any other entries since nothing can be better than yours, Frog! Superb! Brilliant! Sublime! Perfection! Bravo!

  15. Rob7534 is right – there is no way to confirm my vote on the webpage!

  16. As one of the creator of the “Nouvelle Loose”, I would like to say that Loose is writen this way with purpose. not only there is another meaning behnd it, but also we wanted to create some similies with the french prononciation in the use of this word. So, please, don’t mock it anymore 😀

  17. Moi je vote Mickelino !

  18. Ok, I’ll try in english! Your interpretation Frog is really wonderfull! I’m laughing again and in the same time it’s really fresh! Really well done!
    @Rob > The vote will be open on friday, 20th april!

  19. MOUahahaahah !!! You’re greeeeeaaaat ! 😀

  20. OK, it works now. 🙂 Yay! I love watching you, Mickelino. You are so sexy! Damn. And at one point, you were even channeling a little Edgar Winter… love it.

    No means to mock, Thanos, I find the combination adorable. We’d pronounce “loose” with a “sss” (not a Z), and “lose” with a “z”, but if loose means loose as in not tight (or trampy), well, more power to you. Why is ‘Loser’ feminine as well as ‘loseuse’? Maybe I just misheard. Always an adventure for us english-speakers.

    May you win by a landslide! I’ll do my best to get back and vote early and often. When does voting close?

  21. D’accord M. Frog j’ai vote pour toi, j’adore la musique comme d’habitude!

  22. my english is too no ok donc je fini en français : tres belle participation mon grand 🙂
    bisous tendres

  23. Excellent….. quelle synchro ! Quelle choré ! Je vote Pour

  24. Bravo la Grenouille ! Une des meilleures vidéos !

    (euh par contre.. oui ca se voit un tout piti peu que tu connais pas les paroles par coeur :D).

    Par contre jamais Grace Kelly n’aura été si sex 😉

  25. It’s just… wonderful!!!!! 🙂

  26. Be still, my beating heart!

    Ms. Mac and I are in luurve (and not with each other). I’ll scratch her eyes out to win your heart…

  27. Oh, you were soooo channeling Marilyn Monroe. Fab show Fwab!
    Bravo! Encore, encore!

  28. I don’t speak fluent english so … So Funny ! ^^

  29. Can anyone tell me who sings that song (besides Frog)? They are playing it all over here in the States now – Scissor Sisters? Is it an old Queen song? Rocky Horror Picture Show (it’s been so many years)? Help!

  30. Lovin’ it! I’m definitely voting for the Frog!

    (You’re so good at these video-thingamajiggies… And so creative! And I too am curious to know who sings this song… Am I out of the loop or what?!)

  31. @ Jeffrey Zacko-Smith : the singer is called Micka, the song ‘Grace Kelly’ from the album ‘Life in Cartoon motion’ 🙂

  32. Thank you Thanos, thank god you’re there to answer quetions, I’m so bad at commenting on my own comments that people are going to stop commenting soon.

    I promise I’ll get better!

  33. Anonymous above, that was me , (that’s probably why my comment was accepted. Indeed, this site considers that my own comments are spams…

  34. […] 20th, 2007 Remember this tacky video? Well, it’s time to vote for your favorite Nouveau Lo(o)ser 2007. Votes will be accepted […]

  35. Brill! I had never noticed just how much Grace Kelly looked like Simone de Beauvoir.

  36. Aah! Your video is so fabulous, you make me actually enjoy that song! goddam you as mika is evil! : D J xx

  37. are we sure Freddy is Freddy Mercury and not Fred(dy) Astaire? Hmmmmm

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