Meme of the year on FwaB TV


Rhino suggested it, I shall organize it and you WILL be part of it!

Ladies & Gentlemen, let me introduce you to this year’s Frog Academy.

Instructions: Send a sound or video file to before March 31st 2007. (if you don’t know how to do that, please send me an email). Your file cannot be longer than 30 seconds (ok we’ll accept 45 seconds if you promise to tongue-kiss Mickelino next time you see him). In order to facilitate the contest and be fair to everybody, your song doesn’t need to have any music in the background. Basically, the worse and more out of tune it is, the more chance you stand to win the prize.

The following people are tagged (and have no choice but participate, for I know they can sing!):

Antipodéesse (a beautiful kiwi song would be nice), Babsbitchin‘ (something a bit rock & roll and naughty), Rhino75 (a Swedish aria or something from a musical), Wendz Baguette (maybe a nice Zulu hymn or something to that effect), Lesley from Peregrinations (some quaint Scottish chant perhaps), Ms. Mac (could sing something with an Aussie accent that no one understands), Rob7534 (a sad song from Annie), Vivi (a nice gospel after the preach), Jeffrey Zacko-Smith (the credits of WonderWoman?), Sam de Bretagne (something from Minnesota, Prince or whatever?), Meg Le Blagueur (Something by Vagina Ross?), The travel Beaver, (if you send us La Complainte du Phoque, I’ll vote for you) Gabrielle Runaway (Kylie minogue revisited by Gaby?), Pat from Ivry (a good Arabic song?), Petite Anglaise and/or Tadpole (a mother and daughter duet would be a winner, Blogovitor a fado by Pearl Jam?, Aimee and Julien (in a fab duet), Kieran (try not to be too good please), Ian, (a latino version of Robbie Williams)…

These are just examples, many other people might be eager to send their entries, you are also welcome to do so, the more, the merrier.

Yes, the fabulous prize this year, will be a meal at a fancy restaurant in Paris with your dear Frog.

Those who participate also get to be the sexy jury members (but will not be allowed to vote for their own songs (of course)…

The big event will take place on this blog, sometime in April.

Now start polishing that mic of yours and get started.

PS: The excuse: sorry honey, I can’t sing, will not be accepted as an excuse.

PS2: Since this is the Frog Academy, all songs sung in French, will get extra points.


27 Responses

  1. I love it when you call me “Darling”. You know I cannot sing. You also know I would bend over backwards for you (ooh-er Missus!), even if it means complete and utter humiliation on a global scale.

    My only consolation is that Ms. Mac will possibly sound even worse…

  2. Darling Antipo, I take it, this is a yes. FAB!

  3. This is awful, I’m tone deaf. I’m going to have to emigrate.

  4. If the meal includes transportation, I am SO in. And I sing horribly!! 😉

  5. I take it that’s a yes from the three of you…

  6. why is it “frog academy” and not “nouvelle frog”? or will that be the next one? inquiring minds would like to know. 🙂

  7. Oooh fun! I haven’t forgotten your request for a singing post, either, but this will come first. I can think of several good ole Southern ditties, the only problem is choosing one! 🙂

  8. Oh Michelino Michelino…what ARE you doing to me?


    But just for you Possum…just for you…why not make myself the laughing stock of Blog Land?


  9. I can’t friggin’ wait!

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  11. You are so going to have bleeding ears after you hear Julien and I sing together….haha. Better get on this before the babe pops!

  12. Oh, I am so excited. I’ll have to think of something fab, ya know? Let’s see just how bad I can screw this up. Wonderbar idea darling! It’s good to hear from you my Prince!
    Squeeze and Kisses

  13. I am SO EXCITED about this!! Just the poster is doing it for me at the moment. It’s going to be GRRREEEEEEEAAAAAATTTT!!!

  14. Hum, a meal with you…? hmm sounds like I’m going to have to train with my voice, since friends pretend my voice is hot in my podcast, may I have a try in your academy :p

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  16. Damn! You sure know how to challenge a guy – I was about to give you an excuse until I saw that dinner with you was the prize (I would love that, and will be in Paris this June and July). 😉 I think I can squeak out the lyrics to “Wonder Woman” – but it WON’T be pretty! Oh, yeah, and I will go for the 45 seconds – I want my tongue kiss!

  17. Ok, Micke! I’ll get right on it. I have to find my Annie books now.

  18. Oh my goodness!! You want me to sing??? LOL Actually, I sing all the time around the house but my boys say that I am horrible!! 🙂 I am so not sure about doing something in Arabic – I can barely speak in it, let along sing! I am such a “child” of the disco era – perhaps a little “I Will Survive!” 😉

  19. how about “Joe le Taxi” by Vanessa Paradis? Hmmmm 😉

  20. Wait a second… Will I be penalised by the fact that you can have dinner with me any old time? Hmmm, if I suspect rigging, I shall do a Tonya Harding…

  21. OK, I take it that all the people above ARE participating, (even you Cristina). This is going to be so much fun. I’m now eager to receive your entries (have already received 3!!!) and they are fantabulous!

    Tonya (I mean Rhino): What do you mean, you shall do a Harding on me? Will you pay some old boyfriend to cap my knees or will you be wearing bad make up and 80’s curls at the restaurant? (I don’t know which one is worse). You always suspect rigging… ok, just for you, and if you win, we could invite the participant of your choice to join us… what do you think about that?

  22. You are unbearable. I think I have recording abilities here in the boonies.

    Tabarnac k’te fatigant toe ! C’est d’meme qu’on t’aime pareil, batinsse !

  23. Hmm, my bf just recorded an excerpt of a French childhood song for me on my mobile. Can that be submitted? The idea of a dinner with you is very motivating! :p

  24. Oa shit, Tonya’s gonna get righteous on somebody’s ass.
    Ne moi faites pas vous lever dans là et faites éclater un bonnet américain dans de quelqu’un âne. Qui jugera ce Micke ?

  25. you were very persuasive (read: flattering) the other night so I am now all geared up to participate… look out frog ac’!

  26. I’ve just realised I am running out of time for this meme – how the hell do i send you an audio file? I recorded it on ODEO – can you retrive it there?

  27. methinks you are trying to increase your site traffic by making us check EVERY day…

    the suspense is killing me! i MUST see rhino’s entry!!

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