Flat Stan is in Paris

This is what Sam de Bretagne wrote a few weeks ago:


“This is my friend Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a little boy who was flattened when a bulletin board fell on him. Once he was flattened paper-thin, he went on many adventures. One of those adventures led him to climb into an envelope and mail himself to a friend in California. And now he is doing le tour du monde.

My friend’s nephew’s class is tracking Flat Stanley’s adventures, and will be excited to learn he is now in France. I am looking for some other exciting destinations across the world. If you are willing to welcome Flat Stanley into your home and send a postcard to the class to let them know where he is, and then send him off on his merry way, please contact me by email.

This is a great way for kids to expose kids to the rest of the world out there, so I’d really like to see Flat Stanley go to some cool destinations, instead of hanging around North America like he normally does.”

Well, after a trip to exotic Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Flat Stan made his way back to France and is now in the risky hands of Frog with a Blog. Today, Stan insisted he wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, so I took him there.


Stan taking the Métro


Stan was starving plus he got sick and tired of sightseeing and therefore begged me to take him to some unusual Parisian destination. So I took him to China Town in the 13th arrondissement.


Here’s Flat Stan enjoying Vietnamese food at Pho 14 on Avenue de Choisy.


Then we came back home and I decided to take a nap.


I wasn’t happy when I woke up as I realized Stanley had taken the liberty to enjoy France a bit more than I thought.


I can’t believe he even used the Internet!


(rest assured Sam, the last two pictures will not be sent to your nephew!)


It’s time to go to bed Stanley, we need some sleep before following Frog to Spain in a few days…


6 Responses

  1. Remind me never to ask you to look after my hamster!

  2. Well Antipo, if Richard Gere and I were the last two people being able to look after your hamster, I’m sure you’d choose Richard. Although everyone knows what he usually does with hamsters. At least, I don’t.

  3. OH, you should have called me when you went to Pho 14. That place is my absolutely fav Pho place and it’s just blocks from chez moi! I missed out out on an encounter w/ Flat Stan… darn!

  4. Great job on taking care of Flat Stan! Not a negative influence much, now are we? 😉

    And FWAB, you’re going to Spain soon? What part? I’m heading off to Andalucia for the first time, and I’m so happy to be getting away from Paris for a break — don’t get me wrong, I love lots about this city, but I definitely need some dépaysement!

  5. Ha, I love it – you win the award for my favorite post of the day.

    PS. Thanks for taking such “good” care of him.

  6. Stan and I would have such lovely fun. Does he like leather? I do hope so!

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