Le Piéton de Charonne


I know how you are all DYING to discover the daily environment of your favorite frog. I know, I know. ahem. Where was I? … Oh yes, me!

So after seeing how I get to work, clean my apartment, what I look like when I’m sick, and soon what I look like in the shower at 7 am, you thought you had seen it all and that it couldn’t get more boring and self-centered? Well now, here is your favorite frog’s neighborhood. But this time, you’ll get to see the work of a real artist, a real photographer, not a bad pixelized video with a tacky soundtrack and cheap special effects and for once, the frog is nowhere to be seen on these pictures. So, feeling relieved?

I live in the 11th district of Paris, a little neighborhood squeezed between Bastille and the Père Lachaise cemetery. A district where artists, wannabe artists, old grannies who mourn in black clothes, Edith Piafs look-alikes, families with annoying children, Arabs, Jews, gays, straights, bag ladies all live. On Saturday I do my grocery shopping at Mahmoud’s from Algeria, on Sunday I shop at Shlomo’s, the Eastern European Jew. A mix of trendy cafés and dodgy bitrots. It’s all a big mess of old and new, safe and scary, fab and tacky.

Apart from the amazing Père Lachaise cemetery, there is not much to see in my neighborhood. No tourist attraction. No majestic architecture. Just people. That is to say, people who really live here and have done so for several generations. You can still hear a few older people speak with that nasty nasal Parisian accent that you only hear in black & white movies nowadays.

So, I hope you’ll like this guy’s awesome pictures. Enjoy.


10 Responses

  1. Those are FANTASTIC pics – I love his site. But wait a second – “On Saturday I do my grocery shopping at Mahmoud’s from Algeria, on Sunday I shop at Shlomo’s, the Eastern European Jew.” Could you BE any more “bobo”?? ;D Tu peux pas faire tes courses à 23h au Daily Monop’ comme tout le monde? arf!

  2. His work is amazing. The kind of photography I wish I was doing… really reminiscent of 1930’s Paris.

  3. Rhino, shopping at Daily Monop’ is bobo! Shopping at Mahmoud and Shlomo is being silly and a garantee for poor quality food at a high price. But I agree, it certainly SOUNDS bobo.

    Bold Soul: I know, I’m jealous too!

  4. Thanks for sharing that link… really amazing images. So inspiring…

    FwAB bobo? nah… 🙂

  5. I love that photo. When I first saw it I thought, “Wow, this blogger can really take great photographs!” I do think your videos are great.

  6. Oh they are exquisite! I love them!!!
    Thank you for the link.
    Your arrondissment is quite beautiful.

  7. Frog – what a great post and pictures! I LOVE your neighboirhood. I spent some time wandering around there back in 2003, and plan to visit again when I am in Paris this July. Pere Lachaise is one of my favorite places in all the world – I have spent hours there. It is like nowhere else!

  8. P.S.; Frog + Showering = SEXY!

  9. Content que mes images vous plaisent. Peut être qu’un jour je vous aurais devant mon objectif.

    Content that you like my images. Can be that one day I would have to you in front of my lens.

  10. For sure that is a post. Those pictures in white and black brought me into a wave of inspiration. I love that kind of moments frozen into pictures.. there is, in my opinion, like a soul in those pictures as, when i read your post, i could almost hear people whispering and talking into that bar, the smell of the coffee and of the old ambiant i love so much, the tic tac of the clock.. aaah, i wish i live in this place… one day for sure…

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