StarStruck & InCognito

She thinks I’m dashingly handsome, which makes her my new official best friend.

Well, I don’t know how she could find me handsome considering that I looked like the picture below (I’m on the left… in case you were wondering) during our whole mini blog meet last week. That’s what I look like when I run into famous people, you see. After a delicious Korean lunch, both Vivi and Aimee tried to manipulate me encourage me to join their knitting group on Thursday night at Starbuck’s (!?), but in spite of the fact that I adored both these ladies, I resisted both temptations, knitting & Starbuck’s, that is… I don’t know what you think, but going to Starbuck’s is already scary enough, so knitting there…

Who’s that girl?


11 Responses

  1. Bwa ha ha!!! Great photo! Love the look, Viv. 😉

    Michelino, you should totally knit with the group. Every frenchie in Starbucks wanted to join us, you know–it’s not like they all got an invitation. Besides, how can you resist a 6 euro drink sans alcohol?

    Wish I was still there…

  2. Oh you have fab hands (I’m a hand fetishist) – they’d be wasted on knitting.

  3. Aw, that looks like fun, wish I coulda been somewhere like that instead of battling the flu! 😦

  4. Dear frog with a blog. You are wise. Knitting is dangerous. Knitting needles are weapons. They can poke your eye out, impale you, and puncture your lungs. People don’t kill people, knitting needles kill people.

    And starbucks coffee tastes a bit funny.

  5. Knitting at starbucks’ ?

    KINKY !!! LOL

  6. OH, your hands do look sexy in this photo! It was great meeting you! You must swing by Starbucks sometime, we’re not as scary as you think. 🙂

  7. I know I already wrote it on Vivi’s blog, but I’m SO jealous that all of you got to meet up!

  8. Knitting n Starbucks,hmmmmm? Who’da thunk it?I’ve never been invited for such a thing, I think I’m a bit envious. So this is what the ladies do in Francois? We drink coffee and make fun of people, when they walk by. You don’t have time to knit. But I must admit, that sounds a bit more productive.

  9. you ARE dashingly handsome, dear (OMG, I’ve started channeling Jeffrey WS!! :D)

  10. I share your sentiments about Starbuck’s. Why oh why did “SB” (for those of us who don’t want to admit we go there de temps en temps in NYC) have to surface in Paris? In Manhattan, the inevitable venue is on every other block! Dare I say that I live in a building with Starbuck’s on the ground floor?! Oui, c’est vrai. 😦 Knitting, on the other hand, is #1 on my list. And yes, you are handsome… you have that certain je ne sais quoi distinguished look! 🙂

  11. Hey NBF! 🙂 Sorry, I’m just getting around to checking blogs – it’s hell having only dial-up at my dear Grandma’s home (though it’s a wonder she has internet at all!). Anyhoo, it was so amazing to meet you too and I can’t wait for another opportunity to do so!

    I feel that I should say, in defense of Starbucks, that the lovely ladies who invited me to join their knitting circle chose Starbucks because it is a non-smoking coffee shop! Since there are few non-smoking public hangouts in Paris, SB became the obvious choice for them. 🙂

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