Valentine’s Day = VD?

Am I the only one who didn’t wish you all a happy Vday?

It’s been proven by some very serious scientists in America (have you noticed how all serious scientists are always Americans?). People are so desperate to get laid today, that they’d be ready to do it with anyone.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful though.

I wouldn’t want to wish you a happy Venerial Disease Day either…


4 Responses

  1. As I told my friend 007jr, this year I have decided to completely ignore the holiday.

    So I wish you a great normal ordinary day that is in no way a holiday. (Belatedly, of course)



  2. Hell, I’d be ready to do it with anyone right about now. With le chef at our house for the past ten days, the technician here until Sunday and then with us leaving for the South for three weeks, that’s a heck of a long dry spell….

  3. Hope you had a delightful VD, handsome man! I was stunned that you did not post until later yesterday (when I looked in the morning it was already later Paris time, and no post from Frog) — but I figured some sexy guy had taken you out (or taken you prisoner, but that is a whole different story).

  4. Very Delicious…VD….UGH! 🙂

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