Naughty Brits making fun of Americans

You may have seen it before, but I just cound’t resist.


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  1. And i couldn’t resist commenting… 😉 Came across it for the first time last week and i couldn’t help but laugh. In case you want to see the 9 min version…

    I think Chasers is Aussie though.

  2. Yes, they’re definitely naughty Aussies! The best kind of Aussies!

  3. Yep. Aussies.

  4. I just love the jogging dude lol!

  5. 10 Eiffel towers Froggy! 10 Eiffel towers!

  6. *shakes head*

  7. Jay Leno does this a lot on his show, it’s as if they go to the most uninformed people on purpose!

    But the sad fact is, I know better. Americans are blissfully unaware of the world political stage, and geography. But you can’t blame us, so is our current President!

  8. I really feel like using this to highlight the ignorance of a silly commenter on my blog last week…yes she’s American and very ignorant!

    Sounds like the interviewers are Kiwis actually, but perhaps Aussie too. Hard to tell those 2 accents apart. 🙂

  9. Ugh- this would be more convincing if they spelled the subtitles correctly. I guarantee you can find morons walking the streets of any old country.

  10. It is sometimes amazing how dumb the general population is. What is worse is that half of Americans don’t know if Canada is north or south of the US and some years back they had to add USA to the New Mexico license plate so that out of state police wouldn’t mistake the New Mexico cars for foreign.

  11. One wonders whether there was any creative editing going on and what percentage of the the respondents actually answered the questions correctly.

    Regardless I was struck by the diversity of the subjects. Americans may be stupid, but they seem to be created equally stupid. A Frenchman has to respect such a Gallic ideal as equality no matter how it is represented.

  12. Definitely Australian, from a show called “Chasers”. They have DVDs you can buy for more of this fun.

  13. Fuck you brits!!!! You’re ony showing the dumb Americans & not the smart ones!!!!!

  14. lol, just as biased and selective as when we Canadians (see Canadian show called “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”) did the same thing to them 😛 Still though, even if it’s the only pick out the funny ones, it’s always funny to see the dumb responses some people give… wouldn’t be funny if they showed the knowledgeable ones giving all the right answers now would it?

  15. I love the Kyle comment above! The irony in that he/she can’t tell it’s Antipodean in origin is wonderful!

    Selective stuff like this is double edged as it can so easily be turned against the smug questioner and his own country. I know there are MANY just as stupid Brits in the UK. That makes me depressed …

  16. That last comment was mine, just so you know I’m not hiding behind annon.

  17. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Ah what the heck, it’s funny. Frighteningly true though. My latest dumb Americans story – I’ve been told at least a half dozen times in the last few weeks by someone that they liked Barack Obama until they found out he was Muslim. He’s not a Muslim (not that it makes any difference). But when I try to correct them they just tell me that they heard it “someplace”, so it must be true. ARGH!!!! Where’s a brick wall so I can go bang my head against it?!

  18. omg “is star wars based on a true story?” and the guy says yes lol!!! and “how many sides does a triangle have?” the guy said 4 omfg. americans are dumb shits!!!!!

    proud to be british!
    Proud to be scottish!
    Proud NOT to be American!

    copy and paste if british

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