I must be pregnant or something

I must be pregnant or something I must be pregnant or something I must be pregnant or something

I think I have a new neighbor who must be a chef or something, the food he/she prepares in the evenings when I get back home smells heavenly. From inside my apartment I can still smell it. I just have to get to know this neighbor and somehow get invited over for dinner. Actually, as I got home tonight, it seemed like all my neighbors were cooking as each floor smelled of a different dish. I’m so self-absorbed that I even thought, they must be preparing a special neighbor surprise party for me or something.

I know, I must be pregnant or something.

As far as my apartment is concerned, I don’t really know what’s happening but this smell of humidity is widespread and really disturbing. My curtains smell like smoke and so do books when I open them. I don’t know what’s happening to me but I’m becoming so sensitive to smells.

Gee, I must be pregnant or something.

I get cravings for sushi and melon jello, and also Thai red curry and turkey with apples and there’s more… I was sick so recently and am so healthy suddenly. I am already so hungry all the time.

It’s clear, I must be pregnant or something.

My belly is growing fast and its round shape worries me. How long will it take before people start noticing?

Yes, I must be pregnant or something.

I laugh out loud although I’m restless and this sudden energy overwhelms me as I don’t need to pause between floors as I walk up the stairs. How is that possible? I was so sick just last week.

Good Lord, I must have quit smoking or something!


10 Responses

  1. I think you need to do some serious cooking yourself and invite your very best rhino-shaped friend round to help you eat it!! But I could be biased… lol

  2. Yay!!! Congratulations. 🙂 Good for you. Enjoy the food–you’ve got years to make up for!

  3. congratulations and my sympathies. I have been battling my self these last few weeks. It’s painful. Yes, nicotine depravation will cause temporary insanity!

  4. c’mon over for some Thai green (don’t have access to red here) curry!
    So, i am curious, did the zen fountain have anything to do with your decision to quit smoking? 😉

  5. You sound like me!! JK.

    You’re getting your sense back, that’s great! Enjoy it! Time for some spring cleaning and visits back to your favorite restaurants, things are going to taste better now. Enjoy it!

  6. Well thanks for the encouragement, but what you are congratulating is total agony and pure pain. Somebody give me a cigarette NOW! Aaaaaargh

  7. Nice one Froggy!

    Don’t touch cigarrettes again. They’re evil.

  8. Good for you! I can’t smoke in the house but for few occasions when my nephew is gone. The smoke sticks like glue to everything. I can especially smell it on my leather jacket and boots, even my purse will stink. It is really my last great vice but it is bothersome and will have to go very soon. Good luck Sweety.

  9. Question is : Who is the father ?
    Is it the cow boy from Malboro’s ads ?
    A kind of smoky brodeback mountain…

  10. Really nice post – thanx for sharing

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