Should I say it?

I don’t know if I should say it…

But it’s been a week…

Since I last had a cigarette. 


34 Responses

  1. I think you should say it! And congrats!!

  2. Well done!!!

    I guess being sick does not make you feel like having a fag …

    Good luck, and hope you keep it up!

  3. Congratulations! However, I’m kinda glad you’re there and I’m here. I’ve quit before, a year at a time and I was one nasty bitch. They say if you can get through the first two weeks, you got it dicked!

  4. Oh Frog – that is so amazing! Congratulations – and know that you have our support. Personally, I think smoking is sexy, BUT it is also TERRIBLE for your health and the health of those around you – plus, the sexiness is really more “the fantasy” and not the “reality” – the tobacco manufacturers have done a lot to make it seem “romantic”!

  5. Blogs are full of surprises… One day the guy’s training you and the next you’re reading his blog ! Btw, you were missed on those last two days 😉

  6. Hi “Guess Who”, I feared this was going to happen someday… ouch, I’m not too sure which one of the latest crazy 15 you are. Will you let me know? and will this remain our little secret?

  7. Well done, Micke!! If you want to stop, that is (I’m kind of presuming that). Hope you’re feeling better and not sweating too much about being “outed” by one of your trainees lol

  8. I promise I won’t tell. You see, I have a blog and I wouldn’t like to be discovered.

    I stumbled across your blog by accident. I was reading petite’s last post, saw your comment,liked the name “frog with a blog” and just clicked. I read a few entries and the guy sounded familiar. Then I saw some pics…

    I’m wondering who you think I am ?

    Btw, well done for quitting smoking !

  9. Guess who, thanks for not telling! I have a few ideas of who in the last lot may have a blog… but please give me a few hints!

  10. A few hints ? Too easy ! Tell me who you suspect and I might help you.

  11. oooh, you’re being really tough here, ok, I’d say G or S.

  12. Quitting smoking is good, congratulations. I did it years and years ago but I wasn’t very addicted yet so it was easy. I might go back to the ciggies since smokers get more and longer breaks at work than non smokers now LOL. Just kidding 🙂

  13. Félicitations Micke!! 🙂

  14. Trés bien, mon (insert “froggy” in French) ami!

  15. G or S ? You’re getting close…

  16. Oh well done….my turn next. Was it very hard?

  17. ok, since I really don’t know, I’ll say you’re G.
    (but since I’ve been really patient and let you play with me like this, now I get to see your blog too!)

  18. Ok, I own up : I am G (but which one ?) 😉

  19. Gee G! I knew you were going to say that. First I thought you were california G, now I think you are Kiwi G. Now tell me who you are! and show us that blog of yours!!!

  20. Nah, now I think you ARE California G…

  21. Sorry to disappoint you : I’m not California G and I’m not Kiwi G. I’m the other one. And I’m not really surprised you didn’t think of me !

  22. Well hello G! I’m really surprised, I thought it could’ve been you first, but then I thought no way, the girl’s too busy with other things, motherhood, etc… to have time to blog. But it was you then…Cool! But I guess you won’t let me read your blog, although you know everything about me now… not fair!;-)

  23. I haven’t read your blog from A to Z but I have stumbled across some “interesting” things (ok, I can’t help teasing you, I’m a teaser).

    I don’t think my blog would interest you at all (motherhood etc) and I’m not very open about myself either (you never know, a student might be reading it).

    But if you are really curious and willing to pay me a drink, I’ll give you the address.

    PS : are you still not smoking ? I hope so !

  24. OK, drink it’ll be then! Gosh what people are doing to get a free drink these days!

  25. go Mr. Frog go! One hour at a time….it’s a tough one to kick!

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