Frog in the Fog

Foggy Dublin

I woke up at 8 with a feeling of hunger in my stomach only to realize that it was just my cell phone vibrating on my stomach. Too bad as i would’ve liked to feel hungry for the first time in 2 days, it would have meant I was feeling better. But no, I was still in this feverish state that had stuck me in bed for the past 2 days. Occasionally putting an appearance at one meeting here and an official meal there. There is nothing worse than being sick in a work environment, far away from your bed and the only person who knows how to take care of you. Thankfully, I have some wonderful colleagues who bought me medicine and thank the LORD for Irish Pop Idol and Hugh Grant’s special on British TV4.

But when I woke up on Sunday morning and had a whole day in front of me in a new town, a new part of the world, I guess my curiosity took over my bacterias and made me jump creep into the shower.


I checked out of my quaint seaside hotel in Bray and took the little coast train that brought me from county Wicklow to central Dublin. The excitment of the sightseeing ahead almost cured me for a few hours. For I am good at touristing, sightseeing is a hobby and there is nothing more appealing to me than the discovery of a new place of culture and history.


I only had one day to see as much as possible, trying to keep in mind how poorly I still was. I had to be efficient. Not my strength. I left my suitcase at the Connolly Station’s locker, bought a map and started my short Irish adventure.

Along the Liffey

I first blamed it on the fever, when I realized that I couldn’t see much, everything around me was in a thick fog and it was impossible to see just a few meters ahead. But as I looked at the pictures when I came back home, I realized, it was very foggy. I wonder how it is to live in so much fog, do people find it cosy or do they find it so unbearable that they must convince themselves it is cosy? Just as Swedes end up convincing themselves that the darkest days of December are cosy and worth longing for. Out of sheer survival.


I feel inadequate to express anything about Dublin as I only stayed there for a day, hardly saw anything and hardly talked to anybody. Plus the conditions I saw the city in, were not ideal for me to appreciate it. So now, You’ve guessed: I was not overwhelmed with delight. As the day tourist that I was, I kept on looking for the clichés, the typical Irish pictures that would make me feel like I was in Ireland. So I looked for the pubs, the red and orange flags, the Guiness drinking folks, the red haired hotties and the street players wearing woolen jumpers and quilt hats.

O’Connell Street

I didn’t see any of these.

I only saw and heard Poles and Czechs.

I’ll have to go back someday and see the rest of the country. I’m not too excited about Dublin though, I’m sure the countryside is far more interesting and exotic. What was your experience of Dublin?


6 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear you are still feeling *YUCKY*! While I have never been to Dublin (I really want to go badly, too), I have good friends who have been and they LOVED it there. They also loved the Irish countryside (Shannon and County Cork, etc), and the pictures they showed me were just stunningly beautiful. I say that you should give it another go when you feel better and also have some nicer weather. Oh, yeah, and take me with you, too!

  2. Um…similar to yours except that I had a whopping great UTI that we had to call the hotel about so they could get me a doctor!

    Dublin didn’t impress me much…either…

    The east coastal buss trip we took was much lovelier, but then again, perhaps it was because the antiobiotics were beginning to kick in?

    I do wish to return though and do a post-to-post horse trekking holiday along the West Coast.

    Hope you feel 100% soon. Bisous! mwah! ;-P

  3. BUSS? ….ACK! LOL!

  4. OMG…need I bother you more?…..Antiobiotics…some Italian brand maybe. he he! OK I’ll stop now.

  5. Oh poo! That just sucks. Now you’ve put me off Dublin for good..Poles and Czechs? Pshaw!

    Oh yeah – I hope the evil lurgy has passed and you’re eating again.

  6. I did not visit, knowing you were out of town. I had my surgery and type one handed. Had I known you had these lovely pics…My family is from County Cork, which I hear is beautiful. I have seen some pics and it looks like green countryside. Of course, I’d be in search of the best pubs and people. I am so jealous, I could puke but I imagine it’s just no fun and it sure doesn’t dazzle when you’re sick. Dazzle may be the wrong word, huh? Can you see me through the fog?

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