This is how much fun I had in Ireland, part 1

This is how much fun I had during 3 of my 4 days in Dublin! Warning before watching the video: it’s really disgusting!

Admit you had never seen anything as disgusting on a blog before! Frog with a Blog is really UNIQUE!

PS1: Thankfully for you, Irish thermometers are not to be used the French way. Those of you who live in France know what I mean…

PS2: And see you get to practice a new sentence in French now…


12 Responses

  1. Was the Guinness too chilly?
    Get well soon

  2. Bless your heart!! Get well quick!

  3. Poor, poor baby! Gute Besserung!

  4. I thought Guinness cured everything? Wait, maybe that’s whiskey?

    Poor Frog! I hope you get to feeling better – wish I was there to take care of you – tea, massage and nice hot soup!

    Wonderful video – you can even manage to make looking sick cute, and that takes TALENT!

  5. ahh, get well soon, Micke!!

  6. …without a doubt the best “sick” video I have ever seen …. get well soon – nothing a solid bottle of vodka can’t cure… and did you stick your feet in hot water as I told you?
    Lots of love from across the big pond ….

  7. Poor Frog with a Blog, you look like I feel. I’ve been “malade comme un chien” too for over a week now… and work sent me to Germany where I had about as much fun as you in Dublin!

    Get better soon!

  8. Loved the song Froggy LOL

    You have all my sympathy and positive get well soon thoughts with!

  9. “Mon p’tit chou chou” is what my little girl would say taking hold of your cheeks and gently pinching them…That and “Bonjour” is all she knows in French…:-(

    Hot toddy? Have you tried one yet?
    Bon Retablissement!

  10. I will come back, c’est ma première visite, you look very malade and I am sorry pour vous but I laugh a lot avec le video

  11. My poor Prince. Of course that was cinematic genius, ya know. I even feel exposed and may come down w/your malady.–>Insert stupid made up Irish limerick here;
    But I would gladly share in your disrepair,
    if lessened your load on some Irish road.

    I love you Micke and hope you feel better quickly!

  12. You have pretty eyes though, even when at death’s door.

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