Just tell me who you are. You have nothing to fear. I love stalkers.


21 Responses

  1. Not me dearie – I’m out in the open.

  2. I’m not a stalker… and you can find out who I am by clicking my blog link. 🙂

  3. I want to be a stalker.

  4. Can I apply? I’ve got nothing to do for the next few days…

  5. PS. Plus, I now conveniently know where you live…didn’t you realize the whole “Flat Stanley” thing was just a ruse? *S*

  6. Sorry no stalking gene here. I get bored to easily with stalking anyway. Better things to do you know, like sit at a bar and attract psychos.

  7. I don’t stalk but I’ven heard of people who try so hard to get to know me haha

  8. i have been stalking you for the past 12 months, but you have never commented on it, so i thought it was OK to do it. 😉 Who would not want to stalk you?!

  9. followed your blog from “dispatches from france” and love it! sorry if i’m stalking but i’m more of a reader than a commenter 😛

  10. GFO: You don’t need to comment, as long as you stalk, I’m happy.
    Cristina: When are you coming back? I miss stalking you…
    Froggy Woogie: Well, I know, I ask too many questions.
    Ole Blue: I’m afraid we go to the same bars you and I then.
    Sam: Vieille manipulatrice va!
    Alan: As kids become violent because their parents were, you have been stalked so much that naturally you’ve become a stalker yourself.
    Aimee: You might not know about it, but I have been stalking you for a few months now. I read most things except for the knitting part.
    Wendz: And I’m stalking you too, especially now that I know you’re not on the pill any more. I need to make my parents happy and find a woman with good genes to give me a child.

  11. Ok, you got me!


    But you’re so stalkable!

  12. Bonjour! I am a faithful stalker too!

  13. Stalkeuse, if you please. 😉

    BTW, Aimee–if you mouse over your name, the pic of your belly comes up and it’s pretty hilarious!

  14. Oh, well if anyone is stalkable, it’s you Frog! Delicious and delightful!

    But, as you know, my adoration and affection for you are out in the open – I’m not hiding something I am proud of!

  15. eh-oh! qui a dit que j’étais vieille?!?

  16. It’s weird, I read quite a few expat’s in France blogs and you’re the third or fourth I’ve read that has recently complained of stalking. Who are these stalkers and what’s their obsession based on?

  17. Rochelle, but I’m not complaining, quite the contrary!

  18. I want to learn how to stalk…..

  19. You look like I felt a few weeks ago. Poor baby… hope you’re feeling better now. BTW what’s up with the new format for your blog and the comments being SO far down the page?

  20. OK, that’s weird… the comment I just posted was (I thought) attached to the post with your video of being sick in Dublin but somehow I ended up here on “Stalkers”. Sorry about that, not sure what happened.

  21. Hi. It’s me stalking you again. I must say, I like the little pop ups that happen when you pass your mouse over someone’s name.

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