Where were you…?

Isn’t it weird how everybody remembers exactly what they were doing when a dramatic or really happy events in world history took place? I’d really like to know what was happening to you and where you were when you first heard about the various events below. Plus that I’m bored to tears tonight. So I invented a meme. And you’re all tagged, so you’d better start working now. If you feel like it, answer in the comment box or on your blog.

So did I tell you I was bored?

Actually I don’t know if I invented this meme or whether I saw it somewhere. But anyway.

By the way, the last question is optional and could be changed to whichever you like.

Here it goes.

1) Where were you when Armstrong first walked on the Moon?

In a testicle somewhere in southern France.

2) Where were you when you heard Princess Di had died?

At a hotel in Copenhagen, came back very late after a night on the town. Turned on CNN and heard the news. Felt somehow guilty it happened in Paris… thought, “oh no, another reason for the English to hate us”.

3) Where were you on New Year’s Eve of 1999/2000?

In Stockholm’s harbor watching the fireworks .

4) Where were you on Sept.11, 2001?

At work in Stockholm. Many of my colleagues were Americans from NYC and DC. Our office was chaotic, people were crying, trying to call home but couldn’t get through. One of my colleagues’ sister worked in the towers and her cousin worked at the Pentagon! (could one get unluckier?) They both survived! Another colleague’s aunt who worked in WTC went missing for a week. She was found a week later wandering the streets of NY in a state of shock!

5) Where were you when you first heard about the big 2004 Tsunami?

I was in a car, driving to the Bordeaux train station when my friend J called and told me she couldn’t get hold of 2 of our friends who were on vacation in Thailand. We finally heard from them 2 days later. They were on a boat off the Thai coast when it happened and they didn’t even notice anything, they just felt a little wave under their boat. They only understood the dimension of the disaster when they returned to Europe.

6) Where were you when you first heard that Madonna would go on tour last year?

I was asking god to make this world a better place.


17 Responses

  1. 1. Taking my own – very small – steps for mankind.
    2. In a Tesco Metro in south London buying Sunday newspapers with a very hungover boyfriend. However, we’d heard about the accident the night before on the radio in a cab home. Neither of us was that bothered as I recall.
    3. At an absolutely brilliant party in Montreuil with well over 100 people. The downer was walking back to the Marais in the rain with a short-sighted friend.
    4. At work, covering it. Horrible. And panicking because an American guy I didn’t really know was turning up that evening from Lyon to stay the night before getting his plane home Sept. 12. He ended up staying 10 days, giving us time to become firm friends and we’ve seen each other at least once a year since then, either in Europe or in the States.
    5. At my parents’ home in England. I’d completely forgotten that E and M were there – I seem to remember J sending me a text asking me if I’d heard from them.
    6. Reinventing myself

    That do ya?

  2. There’s an ad running here in Australia with a similar “Where were you when…” idea. Usually asking about events from the previous year, as well as some that are more Aussie related.

  3. 1. I was merely a twinkle in my father’s eye. Far more excitingly however, Mr Mac was being born!
    2. At a BBQ with friends. Because of the time difference between the UK and Aust, it was the afternoon when her death was announced. We all sat and watched the telly for a couple of hours before the beer drinking bagan again in earnest.
    3. In a coastal backwater (North Haven, NSW) Bowling Club. Crying because all I wanted to do was pop down to Sydney for the event but Mr Mac’s parents talked us out of it. I ruined the night for everyone so that was good.
    4. In bed. I got an sms from my American friend to tell me the news but rolled over and back to sleep. It wasn’t until I got up in the morning that I saw why she felt the need to sms me the news.
    5. In Scotland on the annual Christmas holiday. Took a day or so for the enormity of the disaster to sink in. Well, there were sales on, you know?
    6. In bed with Guy Ritchie. Sigh…. I wish!

  4. Cool! I think I’ll make a whole post about this later today, thanks for the tag Micke! 🙂

  5. 1. In diapers. My mother has pictures of me sitting in front of the TV during the launch.
    2. Up watching late-night TV in my condo in New Jersey. I remember being so horrified and staying up until 3am, and realizing I couldn’t even call anyone to talk about it because it was so late. I also remember getting up early to watch the funeral — I figured I got up at the same hour to watch her get married, so it was the least I could do.
    3. No where special. Watching on TV and wondering if all those computer Y2K problems were going to happen (I was in the I.T. business for 15 years and we all dreaded the date change problem!)
    4. Home, playing the new piano I bought the day before. Took a break to sit down and watch some TV and that was 2 minutes after the second tower fell. I thought at first it was a movie, until I changed channels and they all showed the same thing: a huge dust cloud over what remained of lower Manhattan. I didn’t move from that spot for hours.
    5. Either at my home or my mother’s home, since it was the day after Christmas.
    6. Madonna who? Sorry, I could care less.

    I would add to this list:

    7. The space shuttle Challenger explosion: I was at my office but having a manicure on my lunch break and we heard it on the radio in the salon. There was something about the fact that there was a teacher aboard that made it even more terrible — all those poor school children tuned in live for an “educational experience” got much more than they expected.

  6. 1-Watching tv, very early in the morning in St Pierre D’Oléron, next to that testicule.

    2-In my kitchen.

    3-In the Pyrenees, I was supposed to be happy but my favourite horse had died 2 days before, after that horrible “tempête “.

    4-I was coming back from work and I saw a horror film on each channel.

    5-At home; I immediately thought:”Fortunately, my son isn’t there anymore” Very selfish I know, but when you are a Frog’s mother….

    6-I said: “My Frog will manage to see her!!”

  7. 1) Where were you when Armstrong first walked on the Moon?

    In a testicle somewhere in Eastern Pennsylvania.

    2) Where were you when you heard Princess Di had died?

    At a restaurant in downtown Seattle with my parents who were visiting me here for the first time. I was so devastated I got physically sick (from the news, not from my parent’s visit).

    3) Where were you on New Year’s Eve of 1999/2000?

    In a hot tub in Palm Springs, California with a few other guys. 😉

    4) Where were you on Sept.11, 2001?

    At my home in Seattle – eating breakfast and being stunned! But, I went to work anyway, even though everyone was somber and not much was getting done. I was also worried since I have family that works near (VERY NEAR) where the WTC was, and my cousin used to work on the 72nd floor of Tower 1.

    5) Where were you when you first heard about the big 2004 Tsunami?

    In the Brooklyn Heights living room of my cousin and her husband in New York City – we were getting ready to go out to dinner.

    6) Where were you when you first heard that Madonna would go on tour last year?

    I was right here…at my computer at home…when the e-mail popped up (I’m a fan club member and they told us first). I was so excited that I got physically ill. 😉

  8. 1) Wasn’t even being planned yet. In fact I think my parents hadn’t even met. (Laughed out loud at the testicle in southern france bit LOL).

    2) Home I think… Can’t quite remember… Probably watching a crappy movie on TV…

    3) In a very hip place in Lisbon: Parque das Nações, watching beautiful fireworks and waiting for the Y2K bug to kill us all.

    4) On my way to enroll in my third year at college. A friend called me and I actually laughed because I thought he was joking. Unfortunately he wasn’t…

    5) In Holland, with my new born baby nephew and family for the holidays. Watched it all on BBC World…

    6) No clue… LOL

  9. 1) One part of my DNA was illicitly smoking cigarettes on a tree (don’t ask me why, I have not idea. That part of my DNA was my mother…). I don’t know what the other part was doing though although I remember asking the same question some time ago…

    2) At home. My brother called to tell me.

    3) At home, trying to avoid any/all fireworks as much as possible – without success.

    4) On the train home from university reading Sophie’s Choice, wondering how strange life was and whether I would remember that particular moment in the future – events in the States actually caused that I do remember it clearly.

    5) Home (Can you see a pattern here?), ignoring outer world – no news, no contact with life outside the family circle. I only learnt about it on 31.12. when opening BBC news website.

    6) She was on tour last year? Hm. I suspect that the answer then is: Home, reading your blog 🙂

    One questions though. Is ‘marsoupiote’ really your mother or is it just you being bored so much that you actually answer questions you pose yourself??

  10. Great meme – one of the nicer ones I have seen.

    I shall do this later this week dearie.

    I couldn’t care less about Madonna though, nor her tours, so will change that one.

  11. I am so disheartened. I can remember exactly where I was when they landed on the moon. I was in my nanny’s room watching it live. I’m almost as old as God. I do have his personal cell phone number, ya know?

  12. omigod – how old am I?

    1. Watching it on the news at home with my parents in Reading

    2. On holiday in the Dordogne, enjoying my birthday (31 August)in a remote gite, when the landlord’s wife came by to tell us in French. Couldn’t believe that we had understood her correctly until her husband explained in English. Went for a walk later and wangled our way into an English holiday village to watch their tv. On the way back to the gite, past a luxury holiday villa, we heard someone shot beside the pool – yes, isn’t that bizarre – but definitely true as the ambulance and gendarmes arrived toute suite …

    3. In the town square of Huntly, Aberdeenshire, watching pipe bands and fireworks … drinking whiskey from everyone’s bottle (you had to be there … )

    4. At work, watching it on the tv.

    5. Recovering from a full Christmas lunch and feeling guilty.

    6. Never knew … !

  13. 1) Armstrong: A toddler in Lafayette, Louisiana.
    2) Princess Di: Getting ready to go on a hike that day.
    3) New Year’s Eve 99: At some friend’s house and totally freaked out as the co. I worked for was getting acquired by Microsoft!
    4)9/11: I was at home getting ready for work, hubs and I both went to work but came home around 12 (everyone pretty much went back home that day that could)
    5)Tsunami: I was home on Christmas break; still trying to wrap my head around the huge amount of loss of life.
    6)Madonna: Having coffee with a friend who told me.

  14. Armstrong – I wasn’t even sperm then.

    Princess Diana – My sister called me from Ireland and woke me up. She asked me to turn on the TV. I was at my parents in Abu Dhabi.

    1999/2000 New Year’s – At my parents with my siblings watching the clock 😀

    9/11 – I’d just fallen into a deep slumber in my room at the university dorms after a long school day. Must’ve been mid-afternoon down here. Got a call from my best friend and he asked me if I knew what had just happened. At first I didn’t believe him and was devestated when I turned on the TV. I must’ve sat in the same spot till well after midnight that day.

    Tsunami – I had a football game that I was substituted out of because of a nasty ankle injury. Got a call from my friend as I lay by the sidelines.

    Madonna – Did she? Ah, can’t be bothered!

  15. Done ! It’s posted on my blog ! :o) Cool list by the way !

  16. 1) Not born yet, so probably on me dad’s balls while he was certainly playing a rock’n roll gig!
    2)Gettin’ ready to go out for dinner and suddenly BAM! Big shock when I heard the news – I’m a total princess Di die hard fan!
    3) At a new year’s party on a chalet, drunk as a skunk.
    4)Watching the news at home and suddenly – again! – BAM!Big shock! At first I thought it was a movie, actually. I was going out with a friend to talk about some personal stuff, we ended up sitting at a caffe all afternoon watching the news and barely speaking.
    5) At work, reading the news on a website.Another BAM moment in my life.
    6)Dunno. But actually considered seeing her gig.

  17. 1) Where were you when Armstrong first walked on the Moon?

    In primary school in Sydney, Australia, being told by our infants headmistress to walk off to our afternoon classes taking huge gravity-less steps, and looking up at the moon in the afternoon sky trying unsuccessfully to see these astronauts.

    2) Where were you when you heard Princess Di had died?

    In the foreign students dorm at Waseda University in Tokyo. My partner, T (then boyfriend) had stayed over the night before, we’d woken late, had been out for lunch, and came back to the room, I checked my mail and read from a friend that di had died. I remember saying “Oh my God!’ and T, in the loo at the time, thought it was something he had done. we switched on the news and…

    3) Where were you on New Year’s Eve of 1999/2000?

    In Sydney, at home with Mum. T had come out for a holiday with me and had returned the night before. I was flying back to Tokyo shortly afterwards.

    4) Where were you on Sept.11, 2001?

    I was in Tokyo.t and I were about to turn in for the evening when K, a Swedish neighbour in our apartment complex phoned on his mobile and said “Turn on your TV. A plane has just gone into the WTC…I will be there in 5 minutes” He had lived in New York and knew the possibilities. A mutual Swedish friend in Tokyo had phoned K. we stayed up watching it for as long as we could. I phoned C who had her fiance in New York on vacation with a good friend, asking her if she knew their number. The next day on the way to work I was amazed that s9omeone on the subway decided to read a comic book rather than a newspaper, as if he was in total ignorance. A colleague at work was from New York and was frantically trying to phone relatives – although some were missing, all were accounted for.

    5) Where were you when you first heard about the big 2004 Tsunami?

    At home in Sydney. We had had our good friends C and M over for a long lunch. Late that nigh, or the next morning, I first got wind of the story and was in shock trying to understand the scale of the magnitude.

    6) Where were you when you first heard that Madonna would go on tour last year?

    I didn’t know she was. Sorry. I couldn’t care less about that one.

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