Fears Unplugged


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  1. lol très hitchcockien! What’s with the finger in the mouth bit at the end though? Dirrrrrrrty;

  2. NOOOO!!! Why the nailbiting at the end of the clip? Anything but the nail biting! I live in a nation of nailbiters. On the bus, on the train, at the office, in the street – everyone is biting their nails. I cannot escape it. It. is. everywhere.

    Voilà my fear unplugged.

  3. Yes, you do need help. I can relate to this, oh my, did I leave the curling iron and the espresso machine on? It is awful to have to wonder if you’ve burned the place to cinders and when you go home there will be nothing there. Fear and Phobia, I feel ya. There must be a F/P group, somewhere. Your presentation was immaculate. You will go down in the annals of history. Read that last sentence over and over. I am cracking up butt my psychosis tells me to shut the fuck up. Insanity rules Micke!

  4. That is very scary when watched in total darkness….;)

    I never iron…so it’s not a phobia…mine is..did I close the gas after cooking?

    I always have to get out of bed to check. It’s always closed. hah!

  5. it is terrible caus’ i don’t understand the word “iron”… in this context of fear…
    help me, dear !
    what a good musical choice !

  6. Parapluie => fer à repasser.

    Rhino => The dirty look is to please all those people who search “dirty gay boy” and “divine breasts” on google and get to my site.

  7. François Truffaut who? LOL Great video Froggy.

    Well, I once went back to my car three times in the middle of the night to see if I’d locked. That’s my main phobia, I guess. And it’s a true story, as ridiculously and ludicrously impossible as it may sound.

    And I wasn’t even drunk!

  8. I too have the same fear. My solution? Never ever to iron anything. simple. sartorial elegance goes out of the window however. creating the fear of ridicule in the streets. you can’t win. don’t even try.

  9. I always send Frog my love- and he knows that, right?

    Sounds like you do, indeed, actually have more than a phobia or a fear – you have some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder my sweet man. Nothing a touch of therapy and a few pills can’t quell…so, do it like the American’s do, pop a Xanax with a slug of Jack Daniels and you won’t even think about the iron (or anything else for that matter). 😉 Another option would be to move me to Paris so I could watch your apartment while you go to work, keeping everything safe and secure. *WINK* Plus, we could cuddle.


    A French guy who can pronounce “TH” properly! WOW!

    Love the scar and the soulful brown eyes.

  11. Can I steal your questionnaire now that I’ve been nice?
    Ok thanks!

  12. I suggest dumping the iron, wear wrinkled clothes and worry about bush starting WW3.

    You’ll feel better. really.

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