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  1. You missed a very important one – how about imitating QE2 speaking French? I know she’s not French, but still….

  2. You aced it Frog (well, except for the Swiss maybe….hahaha, not that i can do it!) But you do the West African better than me! 😀 The Québequois was spot on. Le Castor will have a laugh!
    I have a question though, the Toulouse was very similar to what i know of the Marseillais, is that how French sounds south of Bordeaux?

  3. The Toulouse accent was my fav – I spend a lot of time on the phone talking from people from the SW (mostly near Pau), and their accents are so funny. I had trouble understanding them at first, but now I’m used to it. And the Quebecois one was pretty good too!!

  4. Oh, this was such fun. I loved it. I am only good with a few accents. I myself, am a mix of accents because of my upbringing. I am New York on some things or words and Southern on many but I have tried to refine myself. Growing up, my mother would pop me in the mouth for saying ain’t and such. She did not want her children to speak like dirty southerners. But it is ingrained in me and it slips out from time to time. I had no idea, there was so much difference. This informative, educational and enlightening.

  5. Is Reims in Quebec??? Ahahaha
    And Toulouse in Belgique ?

  6. You slay me. Just knock me over with laughter. Both the Toulouse and Senegalese with ACE! Laugh out loud stuff.

    There’s a Chinese lady in the boulangerie nearby and she is the funniest thing to listen to..hard to understand sometimes, but hilarious. I wish I could record her.

  7. Oh Frog – your facility with accents is amazing! Another very fun post from my favorite blogger. I could easily listen to you talk – in French or English – for hours on end. I’m pretty good with accents myself; I can do a good Brooklyn Jew, a great Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer, a solid Deranged Brit, and a decent Crazy Frenchman! 😉

  8. Oh my God. You rock.

    Found you via Samantha.

  9. Great! LOL

    The Quebequois accent is really cool! Even though I can’t understand a word they say… It’s weird…

    The Southern France accent sounds like Spanish!

    Belgian French is strange, it has little differences from original French. Like Belgian Flemish compared to Dutch Flemish.

    The Senegalese was just LOL

    I want to hear you say something in Portuguese sometime 😉

  10. You really have a “voix tres radiophonique” my friend !

    I will not go ahead and tell you that you are ridiculous when speaking quebecois – but I’d like to correct your joal a little bit…

    La phrase correct:

    Salut, mon nom c’est Michelino, chu ben content d’aouere un blog paske j’ai rencontre du monde beu beu beu ben l’fun !

    Allez, lache pas pi viens faire un tour a Montreal un d’ces 4!

  11. why swiss sounds gayer than the others?

    Mike, baby, i dont care about accents or what you are saying…just speak french to me and i´ll be on your bed in a moment


  12. omg, that was so funny! try doing anglophone speaking french next time. 🙂

  13. Sublime!


  14. Why is it the French are incapable of imitating a Swiss accent? (I’m perfectly capable of producing various swiss accents and of imitating a French trying to imitate a Swiss ;D)

  15. Bonjour FWB,

    I came across your site via “La Petite Anglaise”.

    I wasn’t able to access the naughty French lesson. I missed it the first time around, so I’d love to hear it. It appears I need some e-mail confirmation from the sender on YouTube, or some such thing.

    I loved your bit on the various accents. I’m from Canada, but I’m NOT Québécoise. I come from the east coast of Canada (the really far east coast) where there isn’t much of a French/Francophone population. So, we didn’t get to practice our French except for food French (ie: things you read on the side of a cereal box). But my province has its own reputation for a plethora of distinct accents, so I really appreciated your audio clip.

    I studied French for years as a child, but never really learned anything practical. Recently, however, I spent nine months learning French full-time at a Quebec school.

    So, my question or challenge to you is… could you do an accent of an east coast Canadian who’s studied French, but isn’t Quebecoise? We try to mimic “real French” or “France French” and then we’re completely stymied by the local accents here in our own neighbourhoods.

    During the fall, I visited France, Switzerland and Belgium and when I (or my companion) spoke we had several comments about “Oh, la petite Quebecoise”. Why is that anyone who comes from Canada, and speaks French, is assumed to be from Quebec? I found the French in Belgium easier to understand and I think they were more accomodating of any grammatical mistakes or errors.

    Another question, for you or your readers, when a guy chatting you up in line at the bar says “Oh, are you German?” (after hearing my French) is that an insult or a compliment?

    Merci bien,

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