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9 Responses

  1. Naaaaaaannnn ! :-))))) (If one day, I discover this in a guy’s trousers… I’ll probably faint !!!)

  2. Tres sexy…;)

  3. Do they come in a g-string? Not for me, obviously, for Mr Mac!

  4. don’t slip away 😉

  5. I presume you’ll be giving these out at Pride – again hahahahahaha!

  6. I’ll buy them ONLY if you come with them and I can get a deep and passionate kiss, too. Then, you can go home. Haha! Fun!

  7. Where from?

  8. Genius.
    I’m hoping that advertising space will be a premium advertising space in the next week, at least in my case. If you suddenly have a rush of new readers, you’ll know I’ve had sucess.

  9. please pleasee pleasee I want them!!

    what do I have to do to get them? wink wink

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