The Singing Frog Meets The Singing Rhino

See what happened when I met my singing Rhino aka The Bookpacker last night. We got together in Paris’ coolest bar where everyone sings to old French songs every Sunday night. We even met an interesting character whom we named Babs, she was loud and swore a lot, although our real Babs is better looking & sings better. Anyway, we had a blast. As you can see below.

Can’t view the video? click here 


11 Responses

  1. Stupendous as always, and frankly I think we serve a medal for battling — there is no other word — our way through the world’s longest version of “La Vie en Rose”. It’s a shame we didn’t film “Padam” b ut we were much too into it to get the cameras out 😀 Triffic!!

  2. The French Babs was having a blast!! My mom luvs that Édith Piaf.
    Btw, Rhino 75 your french accent is PARFAIT for a Brit 😉 Et tu chantes merveilleusement Frog.

  3. …. that Édit Piaf SONG, that is what i meant to say…

  4. This is so good, it should be projected in a cinema, in beerovision, with only closeups… and only Rita Mitsouko, non-stop.

  5. The more I watch it, the more I like it!! LOL

  6. Brilliant! And La Vie en rose is one of my fave Frenchy songs…you would never get me singing on video though…eeeek!

  7. Oh Frog – what else can I say? I have lavished you with as much praise over these last months as one man deserves — BUT, this was so much fun, and La Vie en Rose is one of my favorite songs EVER — that I need to say it again — YOU are the BEST! Love your blog and your cute face, and thanks for sharing your world. 😉

  8. That Rhino can sing!!

  9. i want to go to that bar–where is it!!?

  10. OMG, I would’ve paid a years salary to be there for that one! You two were the finest fella’s there!

  11. Please keep doing these movies. I love them, I really do and I really, really mean it!

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