My Zen Fountain

See why I never made it to drama school! But see how I would fit right in on the Shopping Channel!

Can’t see the video, Click here.


11 Responses

  1. You are so Zen, you were barely moving. Holy shit, I need one of those doohickeys? I thought it was something huge (That’s what she/he said, right?) and much bigger in the first picture than in the video. I just have to have one of those Zeny thingyboppers.

  2. I’m in love with your accent Mickelino. If I ever get to visit you, I will probably sit there like a total imbecile and just listen to you.
    J’ai tant d’amour pour vous, comme un petit frère.

  3. That was so funny. Thanks for giving me a big smile this morning! You are a creative dude!

  4. Enorme !!! Je suis plié de rire. Et c’est peu dire !

  5. Frog – YOU are a dangerous man! Every time I think you can’t get any cooler, any funnier, or any sexier – you go and get cooler, funnier and sexier! Please, never stop! You make me smile and give me warm and fuzzy feelings every time we “meet”.

    P.S. – my zen fountain is better than yours though; I have better water flow and it’s bigger. 😉


  6. It gurgles…

    Hey, you ahve to give me the link for the New Year video I wanna post it on my blog! Don’t forget, ok?

  7. Great header 🙂

  8. I’ll tell Catherine how successful you are with the zen fountain

  9. mothers: the ennemy within 😀 Haha! I would not know what to do with a zen fountain either….
    Zen fountain = waste of space. 😉

  10. great clip Micke! Voici ta vocation!!! Je suis sure que tu recevra un contract un de ces jours et tu deviendra millionaire overnight!

  11. In french in the text : ” Michelino, cette video pourrait nous donner des idées quant à l’orientation de ta sexualité … Te voir réagir de la sorte devant l’éjaculation d’un fluide et rester zen pourrait nous faire penser que tu es un saint. Tu es quand même obligé d’avoir recours àà des objets pour en arriver là. Ce qui me fait dire aussi que dans la vie on n’est jamais trop_aidé …

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