Wedding Belles

The picture below was taken in August 1977. The baby is my little sister. The little boy with the scary outfit next to her is me. I was 5.

This tiny baby who can barely open her eyes has two children now and is GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!

And I’m her

My third time as a bestman. Don’t know why people keep on choosing me for this. Especially that two of these three marriages have ended up in a divorce since then.

Do you think I should’ve told my sister about that before she asked me to be her maid of honor bestman?

Have a great weekend.


12 Responses

  1. She’s not going to make you wear an outift that’s similar, is she?

    All the very best to your sister and her family!

  2. OH my god, eyelashes to DIE for!!!

    Anyway, have a wonderful day with your family, I’m sure it’s going to be perfect! 🙂

  3. I have often thought of asking you to give me away ;)) Am sure everything will go smoothly, all the very best to your sis ‘n’ hub.

  4. you look like a very caring big brother 🙂 Have a blast and i hope you do share some pixies with us.
    Tout de meilleur pour les mariés.

  5. SO adorable. I’m in love :o)

    Have the best time at the wedding you crazy man !

  6. lol… the suspenders are too much!! lol.. cute as hell though 😀

    My husband has that same outlook. he has been the bestman in two weddings and they both have been divorced since. He thinks that as long as people ask him, they will get divorced now. hehe.

  7. You can only wish for the best and I send the very best for you and yours from here to there. Enjoy! Kisses and Squeezes!

  8. Have fun being best man again although best at what is a very valid question, I’d have thought.

  9. Congrats for your sis!

  10. Oh look at you..your face has hardly changed..well it’s more grown up of course but still the same.

    Congrats to to the happy couple…hope this one lasts and lasts and lasts..:-)

  11. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride… that’s my story, too. I’m now 45 and really, the ONLY reason I want to get married at some point is so I can get a return on my investment in all the weddings I’ve been in or attended.

    Hope your sister and her new hubby will be very happy and that the wedding was the most fun ever!

  12. Excellent dress sense. I think that pic should make an appearance at the wedding.

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