On accents

Ms. Mac did it. Vivi did it. so, of course, I had to do it.


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  1. hilarious! hehe. very much enjoyed, thankyou. and actually, to me (an australian) you sound very american and not french at all.

  2. Hum, very sexy in English, but extra sexy in French….MEOW!

  3. OMG, I was laughing so hard, I was crying!!! I know exactly what you mean about the Reims accent, though thankfully my husband does not sound retarded when he talks! LOL Plus I totally forgot you were from this area, that was a fun surprise. 🙂

    Anyway, you have a lovely accent, sometimes it seems American and sometimes I hear an English influence, in any case you have a lovely voice. Cor, we should be on the radio together! 😉

  4. Oooh, can I be on radio with you two too? We’d be a world-wide sensation in no time!

  5. This was a bit of a shock for me. Being new to your blog, I somehow got the impression that you were a Frogette. I very quickly realised that this was not the case. Loved the Reims accent and thought you sounded slightly Scandinavian in English.

  6. HIL-larious! now i know how to ask for pommes in Reims like the “locals” 🙂 I thought about doing a little audio post myself, but am having serious trouble with posting the code on wordpress. Any tips? merci

  7. […] As previously seen at  FwAB’s, i decided to do an audio post myself. (Thanks to monsieur for helping me out with the technicalities.) […]

  8. Frog – I thought I loved you before, but now it’s for sure! Not only are you cute and funny, but brilliant too! This post is GREAT! I think your “English speaking voice” accent certainly does sound a bit British at times, and at others a bit French. No matter what, I could easily listen to you talk for days and never get bored. 😉 Ahhhhhh….

  9. I want to meet a man with that guttural French accent. Where do I find one who swallows?

  10. I just might have to follow suit and do this with you. Audioblogger, Blogger’s version of the audiopost took a shit, so I will have to check out your hook-up. But how utterly enlightning. I’ve heard those accents before but never ever thought they were anything but just French. I am informed. Love it Mickelino, about as much as I love you!

  11. So funny….that Reims bit had me guffawing and choking on my coffee….oh you are GOOD…

  12. Hey, I’m a first-time visitor to your blog (got here from Lesley at Peregrinations), and I am extremely impressed with your accent in English! I know a lot of French people that speak English well, but not to that extent – I didn’t hear any Frenchness in there at all. It sounded a bit British at times, but mostly American with the intonation and words used. Chapeau !

  13. Hello there, frog with a blog

    I’m a friend of Lesley’s who started the accent meme so here I am listening to your very funny post.

    You sound like an American from California when speaking English. And your examples of Reims French are a great pleasure to listen to. Anyone feeling low would get a terrific boost listening to you say rue.

    Watch this space for an example of the Bordeaux accent, my daughter has lived in Bordeaux all her life and speaks a fairly standard French but imitates the locals very well.

  14. Tout à fait charmant ! You definitely have a future career in broadcasting. Or in stand-up comedy.

    I’m going to do “Daddy, there’s a man eating an apple in the street” in my current Queen’s English telephone voice and in my former broad Kiwi accent.

    And I will credit you of course and send my millions of readers swarming to your blog. You can thank me later!

  15. I have to have thomas, my french beau, do his own audio meme…when I first heard you, I did not realize you were actually french. He also has not at all a traditional french accent, I would be curious to see what you thought it sounded like!

    great voice..oooh lala;) ha


  16. Gawd. You bloggers in Paris are addicting. Thanls for the laugh/snort at 1am, NYC.

  17. You have an American accent in English, but its not a harsh one, its softer than most and very pleasant to listen to:)

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