Weekend program



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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Take me with you, please? je me ferais toute petite 😉
    Amuses-toi bien. La bise!

  2. Tenha uma estadia maravillhosa, râ afortunada, encantadora!!

  3. Hey! You’re coming over and you didn’t tell me anything!

    I hate you for that LOL (just kidding)

  4. er… Mr. Vitor, excuse me, but I sent you an email 2 weeks ago but didn’t get an answer…

  5. Nyasha, ok, come along. I’m delivering frogs legs to Vitor.

    Ms. Mac: translation needed, am lost.

  6. thanks FwAB! then we could all six sit down for coffee down in Baixa: Fab Mr. B, you, Vitor & Albatross, BH and moi 😀 YAY!

  7. Frog – I want you to want me. 😉

    Have fun on your trip, handsome man!

  8. lucky, lucky, lucky you!

  9. I swear I didn’t get it. My spam settings probably ate it up… Sorry…

    Nyasha, yeah that’d be great!

    And Ms. Mac said:

    Tenha uma estadia maravillhosa, râ afortunada, encantadora!!

    Have a wonderful stay, you fortunate, charming frog!!

  10. Ek wens dat ek saam met jou kan gaan ~ Yikes but Afrikaans just doesn’t sound as tres romantique as those other lingos. Either way, hope you have a wonderful time!

  11. i know you are back among the living! did you survive Lisbon? we want pictures!!! 😀

  12. yes please. show me pictures of places i see everyday lol! you’re lucky you left already because it’s storming now…

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