My friend Antony

Antony & The Johnsons on Tuesday night ! So although I am not as ecstatic as Rhino, as a whole, I wasn’t disappointed. The only little problem was that we were sitting quite far from the stage (forget about giant screens at the Olympia and yours truly had left his glasses at home). So as I looked towards the stage and saw Antony standing there, well, i.e I could see the shape of a human being at least, but judging from the singer’s outfit and figure, from afar, I was not sure whether the person standing on stage was Antony himself or Rosie O’Donnell.

Well, at least Antony was singing. And what a voice he has! A voice that completely made me shiver from the beginning till the end of the show, a voice that sounds like warm frozen yoghurt (if that existed) into my ears and ooh I love frozen yoghurt.

What I didn’t really understand though was the group of pouting trannies taking turns to twirl on some rotating podium on the side of the stage, having their picture reflected on a big screen behind the singer. I’d say it would’ve been enough during one or two songs but maybe not during the whole gig. Moreover, the atmosphere could’ve been a bit warmer, not that the room was cold, but because our host didn’t really make an effort to warm things up, talk to us and say how much he loved us and especially how much he loved me. Indeed, we frogs love it when singers talk to us and say things in French just for us, you know such as: J’aime le Paree, Je suis chaud or Voulay voo couchay... You know, whatever, as long as it’s in French. It makes us feel a bit special and you all know how much yours truly we love that feeling on this side of the ocean.

The crowd there was quite interesting, lots of Americans and Brits, extravagant people, trendy-trash artists with long scarves, a few celebs spotted by the ever so celeb-nosed-Noodle, well, quite a homogeneous audience after all as we all shared the same decadence that night, well so I felt as I desperatly attempted to stretch on my scarf. But we did scream encore and Antony did sing encores although he claimed it was the first time they did it on this tour. Oh yes, that’s about the only thing he said on stage and that was a lie. The Olympia is such an old concert hall though and while we were sitting on the balcony, clapping and stomping for the encores, the only thing I could focus on was whether that balcony would hold till the end of the show. Suddenly after not even an hour and a half, it was over, time to go home, through the cold.

Wondering and hoping there’ll be someone… who takes care of me when I die, when I go wow wow…

Merci beaukew.

Exit Frog.



Antony or Rosie?




2 Responses

  1. These are the days, memories are made of. Sounds like a fab time, really. I do say the first time I saw Antony, I thought what the fuck is this. He grows on you, an acquired taste and his talent shines through his odd flair.

  2. looks who is moaning now! Hahaha! 😀
    now that you mention it, he does look like Rosie!!!!
    voo zet tray tray funny Froggy!

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