Today, I am…

… learning the language of several millions of my fellow citizens. People who live in my building, on my street, people I see and talk to everyday. I live in a country that has at least two cultures, let’s just get used to it. Yet one of these cultures is completely unknown to the other. I don’t know about you but I’m starting now, and I’m loving it…



10 Responses

  1. BRAVO for you!!!! 🙂

  2. Arabic does sound beautiful. For how long have you been taking classes? I tried to pick up a few words and sentences when we travelled to Morrocco… but have forgotten most of it by now…
    salam alaikum!

  3. Perhaps if more of your fellow citizens felt as you do there would be less tensions and rioting in the streets. Maybe some government officials should take adopt your philosophy.

    Keep up with the great blog.

  4. Thanks Pat, have you learnt Arabic as well?

    Nyasha: I started a few days ago only, but I can’t stop now, it is just the most beautiful language ever, so logical and such a nice writing too. The only problem is that I’m usually very excited at first and then lose my motivation after 2 weeks. Let’s see how long it’ll last this time.

    MadameP: I totally agree with you, if only our officials realized that perhaps we should know better about Islam, Middle-Eastern and North African culture, we would communicate better and actually realize how much Arabic speaking cultures can ENRICH our own and not necessarily threaten it. But I’m afraid it’ll take time before we get there.

    MadameP, do you have a blog?

  5. No, alas, I am just a lowly French teacher in the U.S. and a major Francophile. I travel to France every other year with students. I was there last summer in July when it was flippin hot!!(we also spent 3 days in London and were hoping for a respite from the heat. No such luck. The Brits kept saying “Oh, thanks for bringing the lovely summer weather with you. We rarely get to enjoy weather like this.”) For a while last fall I was worried that if the tensions and rioting didn’t end my beloved France would be gone. My life is not nearly exciting enough for a blog.

  6. wow froggy! I envy you for having the guts to try. I heard it’s really hard to learn arab.

    I want to learn Japanese and Icelandic.

    When are you going to learn some serious Portuguese? And, btw, what do you think of the Portuguese community over there?

  7. Hi Frog – I have never taken any actual classes just learned some from my husband and in-laws, and spending time in Morocco. I can understand quite a bit and speak a little. Good luck with your studies!

  8. I have always wished that I payed more attention to my grandfather and learned more Arabic – given that I’m Lebanese (American)!

    Right now I’m just hopeful to learn some passable French some day – since I love the French language (and, of course, I love France, and French Frogs, too – hahaha)!

    Bravo! Learning is the best!

  9. ack! And here I thought I was doing so good just trying to learn French! (slaps forehead with hand in resignation)

  10. You don’t fool me Micke, I know why you’re learning arabic. Just teach me how to say, “Wow, you look hot, you wanna come back to my hotel room with me?”

    Don’t forget!

    I love men of color!

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