Before & After (America)

Although most people hear that I’m not a native speaker of English, most of them tell me that for a Frenchman, I don’t sound French when I speak English (I should add that I usually meet English-speaking people when I’m under the influence, a time when my language skills are suddenly optimized). I don’t know whether this is a compliment or not. What you should know though, is that my accent hasn’t always been the same. I used to speak like a real Frenchman with a strong accent and a lot of pouting and sighing.

Then I went to America and stayed for some time there. In a deseperate attempt to sound very American, I started using all sorts of – what I thought were – idioms and realistic interjections but that just turned out to be a proof of lack of vocabulary. Think Paris Hilton with a French accent. That was me. Please have a look at the crappy video below to hear what it sounded like. Before America and after America.


20 Responses

  1. Crappy video? Oh no sir, it’s another golden nugget of genius. You’re videos are amazing, and very funnny!

  2. And the Emmy Goes to … FROG WITH A BLOG … clap clap clap clap clap clap clap ENCORE, ENCORE … um, like, totally, like, awesome dude!

  3. That is one of the funniest things I have EVER seen! You are brilliant in addition to being *CUTE*. 😉 I think that is why I find your blog so appealing – I LOVE anything and anyone French, first of all, but you are so well rounded and have a GREAT sense of humor – plus you like red wine and Madonna. It’s, like, so totally, awesomely perfect, you know?

  4. Oh, too funny. My own blog is snoozing for the moment – way too much going on Chez de Coeur – but I’m linking you anyway.

    I can’t wait to show this to my husband; after 5 years in the states with me, he now has his own version of the “cool” way to speak English, too.

    You’re hilarious!

  5. That was so funny!! Thanks, I love a good laugh!

  6. Hysterical!! I love it!!!

  7. ah, c’était trop fort!!! maybe… just maybe… your best work yet! hahaha!!!! (j’ai failli me pisser dessus) 😀
    Agreeing with Dawn 100%.

  8. Whatever Frog, like I really like talk like that, OMG, whatever!

    You’ve gone and done it again Mr. Smartybritches and I just wonder if you’re just not too brilliant for your own good, tehe I got big love for you Micke, big love! Squeeze!!

  9. I LOVE Frog with A Blog TV – Might I make a programme suggestion?? Have you considered “Frog Academy”?? I think it would be a winner. 🙂

  10. Yeah, I never understood why Americans used the word “like” and “whatever” so many times in a sentence? Is it a tactic to break up the sentence because they’re trying to think of what to say next? Or is it because they’re not thinking at all and have no clue what to say next?

    Oh, I know…maybe it’s the American equivalent to the Aussie “ummm” or the French “errr”

  11. OMG, like, totally!! 😀

  12. Hilarious. I love your blog. I am a major francophile and have just discovered the joys of reading blogs at work. Yours is great.

  13. Tooooooootally narly dude like awesome omg omg omg!

    Frog… You’re a fuckin’ genius.

    I wanted to say more but I’m NOT in a good mood. When you read my last few posts, you’ll get it.

    Much love Froggy.

  14. Like, omg, like, whatever, like that’s so hilarious!!!

    Like, I dunno, so funny, whatever!! you know?!?


    (FWAB, I am so hooked, you are hysterical! love it!)

  15. Haha…I visited centre Georges Pompidou during the Parisian “nuit blanche”, and I saw the “pocket film festival”, which was a mobile phone film festival… I wish I saw yours !!!

  16. That was totally wicked! like, i totally had to watch it again.. and then i like called my BFF from the north to watch, and she like totally thought you were awesome too!
    So like, two girls are never wrong.. you know!?


  17. Frog academy – surely a winning suggestion!

  18. You make the perfect valley girl!! Let’s have more please

  19. Like, OH MY GOD, You so totally sound like Mickey Mouse! And like that is so totally American and Awesome! Yeah like whatever dude! And like no wonder most of Europeans think Americans are like big freakin idiots!

    I now feel my brain cells slipping out of my head.

    (Seriously, you kill me! LOL)

  20. […] Today was meant to be “YouTube friday” for the simple reason that i am usually lazy on fridays (well, i am always lazy, but friday i am über lazy) – hence the idea to steal ideas from others, i.e. YouTube… But as his recent posts have shown, i just can’t compete with Mr Frog when it comes to YouTube. […]

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