Late again!

Well, this guy and his fabulous blog reminded me of how late I am for work every morning. But this morning, I didn’t want to arrive late on my own, so I took you along. Check this out.

PS: Sorry for the crap picture quality…


31 Responses

  1. This is brilliant!

    Love your blog, thanks, Paul

  2. Cinematic genius! I loved every minute, every minute. Now, I do have to go as I’m feeling a bit seasick or something? Brilliant!

  3. Frog’s morning routine (can’t believe you didn’t stop for a croissant). Tomorrow on your way to work, could you get me a chausson aux pommes and then send it over to Sønderjylland? Much appreciated 😉
    Had to go check your route on RATP – i know i am a freak. Might stalk you one of these days. Mwahahahaa.
    Loved it – excellent choice of soundtrack as well.

  4. Hey YarravillePaul, welcome and thanks.

    Babs, Babs, Babs, thanks, I know I felt seasick filming it too.

    Nyasha: What else is new? You ARE a freak! So if I send the chausson aux pommes in an envelope and write Nyasha, Sonderjylland on it, will it find you?

  5. This is so amazing!! Well done, darling. 🙂

  6. Love it!!! 🙂

  7. Vivi sent me, and thanks for the trip! Reminding me of Paris, and the mad dashes. Fabulous! You must have been late, though–the metro was pretty empty for that time of day. 😉

    Right now, I so miss walking around Paris, running from here to there in an instant. OK, right now I miss walking. (on crutches, torn ACL and meniscus)


  8. I agree with Nyasha…you should always stop for the croissant!!

    And could you send some of those chocolate croissants to Melbourne….can’t get a decent one here 😀

  9. How utterly fab and wonderful you are. Bravo!

  10. Brilliant! I love your face at the end. If I filmed my commute to work you’d probably be official “degouter” I live two blocks from my place of employment. What a boring video that would be.

    PS. Vivi sent me!

  11. […] Frog with a blog filmed his morning commute to work. It’s brilliant. Warning you might feel a bit seasick, if that’s the right term. Check it out! […]

  12. Great editing, great soundtrack.

    If I had to walk as much as you do to get to work I’d keel over when I reached my desk! O_o

    Liked the suit! LOL! Very classy 😉

  13. Don’t know where my previous comment went…

  14. Haha! Really liked this. We work in the same neighborhood… Maybe for the same company!!

  15. Vivi sent me….
    Fantastic! I certainly don’t miss the rat race/commute in and around Chicago anymore!

  16. TRES FABULOUS!!!! It looked as if no-one even glanced your way – was your camera hidden or obvious for all to see? Been meaning to come here for the longest time and your visit finally got me here. Thanks for coming by and I am so pleased I got here.

  17. This is FAB – honestly, I love it!! But why did Matoo’s blog make you think of being late?? Was it the poem?

  18. Vivi sent me, too. I’m moving to Paris in two weeks – where do I get one of those scan-able Métro passes and what is it called? Last time I was there it was the little carnets with individual tickets which is fine for a tourist but I’m going to be LIVING there.

  19. I don’t see why you’re late to work everyday then! I timed you, and that video is 3 minutes long. I have to drive 25 minutes to get to the office! 🙂

    I always look forward to your creative posts!

  20. Rob, Thank goodness you didn’t film that 25-minute drive, hon. Matoo, OMG 2005, that’s VINTAGE Matoo 😉

  21. That was funny to watch.

  22. Yes yes yes!!! That is what the internet is for. Truly brilliant, I loved it. It inspires me to follow suit. Thank you, that was great.

  23. Bonjour!

    What a GREAT blog and video – it is totally fun!

    My favorite part was the initial going down the stairs sequence and then the look on your face when you finally arrived at work.

  24. For a minute there I thought you lived in my apartment building. I go down stairs just like yours every morning–and then up every time I return home.

  25. Viv sent me too.

    And I’m impressed. 3mins and 3seconds to get to work. WITH a soundtrack too.

    Man…puts my 12 min bus ride (just about door-to-door, thank christ, winter’s coming in fast) to shame.


  26. great makes me feel like i was just there

  27. who are these people strolling along carefree?! don’t they know you’re late for work…HHAAAAAHH

  28. Just noticed that my home page needed correcting. Cheers, Dan.

  29. So great, i love that kind of movies. i wanted to do the same a long time ago but i don’t have to walk that much to go to work. only fifteen minutes in a bus, so boring… maybe i’ll make a movie of my next journey to paris 😉

  30. loved it, music, pace and all….keep’em coming…liz

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