Miscellaneous II

1- I’ve been a communist, an environmentalist, a capitalist who hates nature. Now I’m just a frog with a blog.

2- When I was a kid, I wanted to be an American cowboy.

3- As an adult, I’d like to do an American cowboy.

4- I don’t have a driver’s licence.

5- I make to-do lists everyday and I always lose them.

6- For some very strange reason, the word “antibiotics” sounds so nice that it makes me shiver.

7-I like beautiful people who have a big nose, a scar or a big zit on their face.

8- Two women have asked me whether I would like to be the father of their child. I thanked them but refused.

9-  I like children as long as they belong to other people.
10- The first and only time I had frogs’ legs was in Thailand.


9 Responses

  1. I don’t have a driver’s licence, either. “Born to be chauffeured” is my motto…

  2. I really love when you post this stuff, I really do. I’d try to write stuff like this and feel I was boring the hell outa everyone. But I love your stuff.

  3. I reckon you would father gorgeous children! But i tend to agree with you on number 9 😀
    Just last week i was reading an article about a little girl in Paris who is parented by 2 gay couples. She has 2 mothers and 2 fathers. Her biological parents were highschool friends and eventhough they are in gay relationships, they agreed to make a child together and raise them with their partners. I think it is a beautiful thought.
    Btw, how did those frog legs taste?

  4. Funny, I used to only like children who belonged to others. Then I had some of my own and now I hate everybody else’s children but mine.

  5. if i was to come up with a similar list about myself – it could shock some people! 😀

  6. I’m with Ms Mac.. love my kid, but you can keep yours. hehe.

    I was never into cowboys. I wil have to hook you up if you ever come this way though.. i know PLEANTY.

  7. Wow, that really is nice Nyasha. A very cool spin on parenthood 🙂

    My favorite item on this latest list is number, cracked me up! Keep it up Micke

  8. lists are essential! hehe. if i didn’t make lists i would feel like a headless chicken running around.

  9. Ah Micke, you’re such a romantic.

    I’m gonng buy a cowboy hat, and some leather chaps!

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