I had a dream…

hpim0579.JPGIt’s Sunday. Noon. Favorite Mr. B’s place. The sun is shining through the blinds, it’s going to be another sunny Sunday. Two men are waking up, hung-over after a party for the third night in a row. The first one is Mr. B, as soon as he wakes up, like a little locust in the summer breeze, he joyfully brews coffee and runs downstairs to get croissants. The second guy is Mickelino, the 30 cigarettes and the bottles of wine had a negative impact on this guy’s face as you can’t make the difference between his face and a monkey’s ass. There’s no place like this bed, he decides he shall never get up. His head is anyway to heavy to move.

During the night favorite Mr. B had a dream:

“Chirac and Mitterrand both want to talk to me and ask me whether I wish to be France’s next prime minister. They both say that I’m the only one who can save the country from political scandals and a rough economical situation”.

Mickelino also had a celeb dream last night:

“I am staying over at Ellen de Generes place. Suddenly Madonna appears and we start chatting. I tell her she looks tired and she should stop yawning all the time. It’s going to have an impact on her career. She tells me she wished everyone were as honest with her as I am now. We are definitely becoming best friends. Suddenly Clint Eastwood knocks on the door while Madonna has transformed into Julia Roberts.

I wonder why I am sleeping on a camping bed in the middle of Ellen’s living-room.”

Now, I don’t know what these two dreams mean, but I have a feeling the interpretation is going to turn me into a superficial strar-struck bitch…


7 Responses

  1. Too late, you already are!!

  2. Ugghhh! I’m so jealous, I wish I could dream of Madonna more often.

    I’d probably dream of Chirac and Mitterand if they were better looking. Dreams are no place for ugly people.

  3. Madonna turning into Julia Roberts is not a dream my dear Frog, it is a freakin’ nightmare! 😉
    I can’t believe Fab. Mr. B makes you coffee and gets warm croissants for you in the morning while you continue snoozing in bed. Lucky you.

  4. I don’t think you’re starstruck, Micke8 ;D

  5. I would just love to be in your head, watching these dreams, just once. I’d pay for it, if they offered it like pay-per-view.

  6. Ditto Nomad! LOL

  7. And don’t EVER steal my post titles again! 😛

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