1-     I was born in the Champagne district and grew up in the Bordeaux district. I was born to be an alcoholic.

2-  In two years I’ll be completely bald.    

3-     I look older than I am. It makes people feel very embarrassed when they guess how old I am.

4-     I haven’t gotten over the oral stage. I love to put things in my mouth all the time. I eat, I bite my nails, I smoke, I talk, I touch things with my lips etc… (and I will not go into further details)

5-     I just had two relationships in my life.

6-     I’m not religious although Catholic values have had a real impact on me. (admittedly against my will)

7-     Even if I shave in the morning, by the end of the day, I look like I haven’t shaved for a week.

8-     In 34 years I’ve moved 23 times.

9-     The first time I had sex was with an American woman.

10- Two weeks later I had sex with a man.

to be continued… 


14 Responses

  1. To be cont’d…I want more.

  2. I would have guessed you were thirty. I am so bad at that little game.. hehe.

    You had sex with an American woman forst?/ Why not a french chick> I know why you didn’t have sex with any more women … but that question is just to good to pass up 🙂

  3. Yes, I want more, more!

    Did the American woman put you off women for life? Should I go and find her and scratch her eyes out as revenge for all woman-kind?

  4. You don’t look a day over 28 and you know it, handsome! The moving statistic is scary, tho’

  5. you are eye candy Micke, and you know it. 🙂 i mean even straight married women like me can’t help it…
    you beat me hands down on relocating. I have moved 15 times in 30 years… and i had never come across someone that had moved around that much. Now, I HAVE!!!!! 🙂 I may be normal after all…

  6. oh, if i may ask: why the moving/relocating? and where? you asked me once so it is fair if i spring the question back to you. *wink*

  7. some interesting things. is there a reason you dont visit my blog anymore you are not going to get rid of me this easily mr froggie.

  8. And when did you have sex with a woman again?

  9. Babs, comin’ soon, comin’ soon

    Xmichra, thanks although I think you slightly exaggerate, but thanks anyway. Actually, my first was a very goodlooking girl named Becky Jo from Illinois (cool name eh?), she was a lot of fun, she got me drunk and jumped on me, while I was acting as Virgin Mary all evening… her nationality just added to the excitment. I’ve always had this thing for Americans.

    Ms Mac, no no, please don’t, I still love women immensely but not in this sense anymore. She was a great first experience though.

    Oh Rhino, you’re a dear. Although you’re the only one who’s seen me in real life so you should know that a 28 year old doesn’t have the double chin, the baggy eyes and the Sahara hairdo. I thought you were better than that at 28 years olds…

    Thanks Nyasha, you should see me in the morning though. On top of everything, I’m an arrogant & nasty cunt when I wake up.
    Well, apart from moving from Reims (where I was born) to Bordeaux, the move to Sweden in 94, then the move to Thailand in 2002, then the long stays in the US here and there, then the move back to France in 2004, there have been a lot of moving around within the same cities + quite a few school changes when I was a kid. But I’m happy about that now.

    Darling WTF, I still visit your blog almost everyday, check you site meter! It’s just that you haven’t been writing much lately!!!

    Alan the Nomad, there’s been a lot of snogging after that but not much else.

    Gee you guys are all so nosey…

  10. Nosey, yes, like a dog sniffing crothc, I’m right there. I’ve moved more than you so I can feel you on that. I find it intrigueing that you slept with a woman, it shows you’re a dedicated scientist. hahaha! But, the question is this, what kind of woman was she. That’s what I want to know and analyze. Did I say analyze? Do you know that I feel your moods. The winds are changing for you and I Micke. I’ll meet you in the middle ok? Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!

  11. I came back to finish the argument. Oh, we weren’t arguing, huh? Go to the link, this is for you. I thought of sending you this song, because you are Unforgetable but this was even better,check it out!

  12. Ha, Micke! Touché

  13. Whoa Micke nice post. I want the rest.

    PS: Please note, I’m not being nosy. LOL

  14. OMG!
    I love it here!
    I am so glad I found ya through Babs blog.

    I love your wicked sense of humor 🙂

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