Sharon is ugly

hpim1804.JPGSharon is ugly. She looks like the back of a bus.

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21 Responses

  1. But you couldn’t tell that she thinks that of herself as she struts her stuff all over town.

  2. mind you, her kid is even uglier

  3. deep inside she felt unwanted and rejected.

  4. and rightly so (am I allowed to have another go?)

  5. (Rhino, add as many as you like, i’m lovin’ it)

  6. However, one day…

  7. …she met this guy, who’s love she was willing to buy…

  8. with her kidney.

  9. For a woman who looks like the back of a bus, surely has solid kidneys. Surgery started but…

  10. … by accident she had gotten herself onto the operating table of the infamous Dr. Muganga.

  11. As they pulled all her teeth, they became aware it was a kidney resection and now, fully realized, a egregious mistake had been made.

  12. after leaving the office of Dr. Muganga, she feels a bit disoriented and sore in her nether region. Walking out the door she is approached by…

  13. …a horde of canibals who specialize in eating ugly people, and therefore Sharon is a delicacy.

  14. But the canibals, being very particular about their delicacies, rejected her, well, most of her. A woman with no kidney is not worth eating but they kept her hair to stuff their pillows.

  15. Sharon walked the streets of Taiwan, the kidney capitol, kidneyless, toothless and bald.

  16. She tried to return to her parents, who shunned her. Calling her “the ugliest thing ever to walk the Earth” they returned to cosiness of their humble abode to gaze, in rapture, at the plaque given to them by the Guinness Book of World Records that read…

  17. “To Sharon Ugly, the ugliest kidneyless & toothless cow to ever walk this earth.”

    Her family’s pride and joy who proudly put the plaque on top of the fire-place, next to the…

  18. …tabloid headline that read “HOLY SHIT SHE’S UGLY!”

  19. One warm afternoon, Dr. Muganga was walking down Main Street in Kampala, Uganda, when he suddenly saw the tabloid headline. For one whole minute, he looked at the face he recognized so well, went into the store and bought a…

  20. …Fanta for the policeman that was sitting outside. Ugandan policemen were easily bribed. He just could not afford the risk of…

  21. being run over by the back of the policemen’s bus.

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