Thanks to those of you who actually wrote me emails to express concern about the nearly one month hiatus in my blogging. I didn’t quite expect people to be concerned, but some of you were! Wow! Some of you actually wondered if something wrong was happening in my life, well, writing about it would be too tough for me, so let the pictures to talk for themselves. ‘cos I’m too emotionally drained after everthing that happened.


16 Responses

  1. Bless your heart! I don’t know how you’ve managed to cope. I, for one, am happy to know you’re back safe and sound from your harrowing adventures!

  2. you must be suffering from a burnout, poor you. shall i book you a time with my therapist so that you can discuss some stress related issues with him? Valium helps a lot. I can send you a couple of boxes of the stuff if you wish. Just let me know.
    Looks like you people had a fab fab time. 🙂 I will crash your party next year.

  3. Hi

    thanks for stopping over at Creative journey. hope you’ll pop back over soon and join if the whole thing appeals. Someone who’s a friend of Babs has just got to be great in my book!

  4. Life is a mystery indeed!

    Poor poor Micke! Maybe you should go out to a shitty cafe, and have piss poor coffee and stale cake!

    You ungrateful SOB! 🙂

    I missed you!

  5. Wow. that really was tiring. I can’t beleive you were subjected to so much pain. Hope October gets a lot more exciting for you poor froggy.

  6. better-half has just seen your clip. he feels your pain. going through a whole month of that must be excrutiatingly painful. 😦

  7. Always a pleasure catching up with you ma petite grenouille avec un blog..although I fell asleep several times while doing so…it was still worth it to know you are alive & well.

    How in good Gods name did you ever make it out of September with you head on straight..well ‘on’ anyway. To survive such tedious must do’s and must see’s..well it’s not only a talent but a rare gift.

    A happy happy belated b-day to you.

  8. You know what .. Lino ?
    I love the way you do the things ……………..

  9. Such suffering but you took it like a real trooper. You poor thing and I’m just so sorry you had to put up with that concert, how dreadful for you. You’ve been so brave,ainsi très brave mon Chéri! Le serrement, supplémentaire durement!

  10. Lovin’ the new site, Micke!! Welcome back!!

  11. Enough of the silence!!

  12. Oh! You’re one to talk Nomad!

  13. She has that power…

  14. am laughing at Rob7534’s comment!! 😀 Yes, Nomad, you did a dissapearing act on us this summer as well.

  15. hello my dear froggie friend. how have you been not so good what the problem is we dont know yet if you need to talk you got my email mail me I am a very good (reader)listen. love you lots your dear good friend (i hope so) CELESTE

  16. How dreadful for you to have to go to that old bitch’s concert. Next time you’re stuck with such a dilemma, please, don’t hesitate to call me. I will gladly bail you out and go in your place. I’m good that way.

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