New site, new look, new life

2006-09-10-15-17-44.JPGHello and welcome to the new Frog on the Blog. It’s been more than a year since I started blogging and it was high time I had a make-over. In spite of the new look, not much will change, I’m still as silly and lazy. But as a little starter I’d like to show you a video I made a few weeks ago when my friend Hélène came to visit from New York. That day, I left the office and met with her and Mr. B in the Jewish neighborhood where we enjoyed very fat falafels and wine. The poor girl had injured her knee and Favorite Mr. B and I had to help her carry her stuff to the Gare d’Austerlitz where she was to catch her train to the south. As a nice reward, beautiful but crazy Hélène played a little song on her accordeon for us in the middle of the station as I stood beside her trying to sing as Favorite Mr. B was filming. See how the train station guy appeared suddenly and how we asked him to sing along, but he kindly refused and added that he wasn’t allowed to sing while on duty.


12 Responses

  1. Wow, it’s nice here! And look at you! You clean up beautifully, so handsome in your suit! I think I may have too many exclamation marks!

  2. Did he take you for a “mendiant”? in a suit? 😀 Hillarious! Your YouTube are always great.
    Btw, great new “home” you got here, “i’m lovin’ it”. and the header…. and i could go on and on and on.

  3. Oh Vivi, please carry on, I love your exclamation marks.
    Nyasha: No he didn’t take us for beggars, I just felt I had to stress the fact that we weren’t. Thanks and have a fab time in Berlin!

  4. just had to come over and leave you a kiss :*

  5. and one for Fab Mr. B, because it is “kiss distribution day” today, did you not know?

  6. Lovely new look but is it it not going to mean a new you?

  7. Ciel Nyasha, que de bises! J’en ai les joues tout humides… Merci j’t’en envoie quelques unes aussi et je transmettrai les tiennes à B.

    Alan the Nomad: No, no new me, just old me even older.

  8. que quelques unes…. you stingy little git you! 😀 Decided to stalk you today. Well, we are off in an hour, you might have some peace then.

  9. you have come to the dark side DUN DUN DAAAAAA.. hehe. Word press is just so much better. You will love it i am sure 🙂 if you need any help give me a buzz.

  10. hi ZE FROG, welcome to your new blog and mabe we’ll
    meet again, well I hope so;-)

  11. Wonderful, I loved it. I felt like I was there w/ you. You look so handsome in your suit Micke. I love this new blog. Does it feel good to you? I’ve missed you terribly but I knew you were good busy not in your flat wasting away, I just knew this. I welcomed your happiness.

  12. Salut ma grenouille préférée !! Lenoo m’a filée ton blog – c’est supeeeeer! Et la video me rappelle ces journées heureuses dans la maison du bonheur!! Je vais te visiter plus souvent – fait moi pas chier! Gros bisous
    SoSoo – l’autre chienne

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