Coming soon


5 Responses

  1. welcome back:)…. umm, where were you?

  2. YAY! I love summer blockbusters!

  3. man alive Froggie.. if you weren’t gay, and I wasn’t married… muahaaa… *winks*

    Nice bike 🙂

  4. do we need those glasses for 3D movies to view this photo properly? 😛

  5. rhino75 said…



    Babsbitchin said…

    Oh, aren’t you handsome and debonair’!! Looks like a still from a spy flick. Lovin’ it! I’ve missed you just terribly, more than words can say!Mwah,Mawqah, mwah!!


    nyasha a said…

    Phoaaarrr! now, i you weren’t gay and i weren’t already married, i would be fighting Xmichra off of you! 🙂


    Kieran said…

    You know how cool that picture is. It’s decided, I’m getting me a motorbike.

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