This week, I know you’re craving for Swedish gay pop

Please observe that the scary looking gentleman (long dark curly hair) tried to chat me up in a Stockholm club one night. He gently asked me to follow him home to enjoy his Love Stew… That was when I still had hair and could still afford to say no.
Now have a look at Alcazar and its three luscious members. I’m sure you know the song. Have a special look at Andreas, good-looking singer and closet case for years, who fed many Swedish urban legends for a while: “my friend had a fling with him, he is definitely gay, it happened to my friend, so it’s true”. But can somebody please explain to me those birds’ heads?

Andreas finally did his official coming-out, which wasn’t enough as he invited Magnus, his then-boyfriend, so that the 4 of them could sing Ménage à Trois. Which made perfect sense.

Talking about Urban Legends, I’d be interested in knowing which ones you’ve heard.


13 Responses

  1. The 1st video was good and he did have some hip action but he’d be a dead screw,(did you notice how I cleaned that up?. Yes, you can tell a man’s whoopie art by his dance steps. The 2nd video was way too weird for me. The 3rd video was good and the choreography was really good. Yes, I feel enlightened. Now, the real question is: Do you regret not tasting the Love Stew?C’est probablement juste une soupe froide!Mwah!!!

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO! What happened, i was loving it….. *sobs uncontrollably*

    i thought the blog had undergone a shot of Botox. 🙂 Templates can be the end of someone. I was fiddling with the javascript for a post and that kept me up part of the night. What’s new?

  3. Andreas IS quite sexy! 🙂 btw, i meant to ask, the last song, wouldn’t it be a “ménage à 4” instead of trois? just wondering….

  4. HEHEHEH>> WHOA>> HHEHE>> haha.
    okay. you asked questions .
    The first one – OMGZ, that was so cute! But so obviously gay. Still, i liked the beat.

    The second one i couldn’t watch. the birds CREEP me out!

    And the third – i am going to have that song stuck in my head.. and it is soooo bad!!!

    Urban Legends huh. I am sure we have them. But the only one I can think of is gross. basically about this 16 year old who was currious and stuck a weiner up her wo-ha. Then had to go to the hospital to get it removed because it broke and got suctioned up to where rotting meat should not go.

    Told you it was gross.

  5. …but you missed Christer Lindarw on an open Cadillac in the Stockholm Gay Parade a couple of weeks ago. I can send you some nice photos though….

  6. Micke, you know I crave gay Swedish pop EVERY week but this post FORCED me (there’s no other word) to dig out my Army of Lovers collection. Tremendous. P.S. don’t forget the new series of Star Academy starts on Friday…

  7. Oh heeeeeeeeeeell no!

  8. Micke, you’ve been tagged. When you have time, come over and see. I want to know more about you! (HUGZ)

  9. How come I am the only person who thought that Alcazar was a little off the beaten path lång tid sen? LOL!

  10. H



  11. Now I can’t imagine why you turned down his stew (;

  12. And also, Bon Anniversaire!!!

  13. I LOVE these videos! HA!

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