I just had this urge to go and see her

Parisians never look at her, never think about her and most of them have actually never visited her. However, she stands still there, through winds and rainstorms and looks at us constantly. When you look at her, you realize she’s not very pretty, her brownish raincoat scares some and her height seems useless. “Her” because she is a she in French. The Eiffel Tower is a woman. La Dame de Fer.

Like all Parisians, I never think about – The Iron Lady – I know she’s there, but she feels more like an old grandmother put there for the pleasure of tour buses. But sometimes, I don’t know why, I get this urge to go and see her. And I just have to go right-away! I don’t do anything when I visit her, I just look at how ugly she is from a distance but how gorgeous and refined she actually is when you stand underneath her with her lace-work dress on. Nobody really knows what she’s doing there, she just is there. Not seeing her anymore would make Paris look like a flat pancake deprived of its only phallic symbol.
Yesterday was a bank holiday (some obscure religious Holy Mary event) and I benefitted from the rain to go and shelter under her dress and take a few obscene pictures.


11 Responses

  1. I LOVE your pictures, the tan tint is very artistic!


  2. the pictures are indeed amazing. can i steal one for my header?

  3. i can’t believe you went and told on me!! and i thought we were friends…

  4. thanks Rob, it’s not talent, its just a camera with a sepia function. I haven’t done much.

    Nyasha: You mean that I went to WTF and cried for help. yes I did! But what could I do? You can get so bossy at times…
    BTW: You can steal whatever you want for your header. (see what a friend I am!)

  5. Oh, I love it. I’ve never been to the Eiffel nor have I ever seen such up close and personal pictures. Thanks!

  6. helloooo, So sorry I was not “home” to greet you! I am back now – Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. the biggest MWAH goes to Fab Mr. B. 😉

  8. I love the pictures Froggie boy!

  9. Those are simply magnificent. Much like the tourist she would attract, I am in awe.

    The Sepia quality is brilliant for display. Makes the iron work look like old stle lace in pictures of parlour women with garters.

  10. My Significant Other says she is like a very beautiful woman who has a nasty voice. You like to look at her from afar, but not take her out to dinner. I agree. Can’t go up to the 3rd floor for the life of me. But I like see her familiar silhouette. Thanks :o)

  11. Babs: well, when you come and visit, I’ll take you there, we’ll get to the top floor and scream “Kiss my ass” to the whole world.

    New mom on the blog: Hi again, love your name! See you soon.

    Nyasha: I sent your mwah to Mr. B, but had to explain what a mwah was first.

    Di: We miss your pictures of cemetery and weird stuff that you used to have on the old blog!

    Xmichra: Thanks dear, you’re right, she’s one hot prostitute wearing garters reminding Parisians of thir favorite hobby.

    Beaver: Hey long time no see, looking forward to reading more about Aceh. Significant other is so right. Is SO French?

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