1 year

It all started with Rhino75. My English friend whom I met at a party 2 years ago and who sang a little Swedish aria to me. Rhino, the combination between a fine between gentleman and trendy VIP lives in the heart of Paris Gayland, hangs out with his famous friends and gets invited to the fanciest parties. Backstage, Rhino is one sweet guy who managed to remain cool in spite of showbiz and tends to be a little bit of an ermite with his life-time partner Miss Kitty. Rhino, who masters cat language is the only one who manages to speak to Miss Kitty, one independent soul who will reply to him and no one else. Sometime in 2005, Rhino sent me a mail and incited me to check out his “blog”. First thought was WTF? Second thought was “gotta have one too”. However it did take a few months before I started my blog.

I kept on reading Rhino’s blog and often found comments from some Rob7534 guy. These comments consistently made me laugh hysterically. At that time, apart from Rhino and a couple of distant friend, nobody read my blog. Then one day, Rob7534 himself showed up on my Guest map and said something like Yay! It’s me!
Rob, a hilarious American guy from Chicago whose sense of humor has made us all wet our pants numbers of time has recorded his trips to Gay Camp in such a picturesque manner, his political rants that I don’t read till the end, his love affairs with 20 year-olds (which I read till the end), his genuine kindred and self-distance. I just like everything about this guy. Rob makes me happy, he makes me laugh and the fact that he does not take himself seriously makes him very charming and sexy. Rob has been a faithful visitor since then and I hope he stays a long time.

One morning, in November 2005, a guy named Reluctant Nomad showed up and said something like”so this is the famous frog with blog, if I weren’t so shy I would blush” in my comment box. This applied to a picture I had posted of myself while I was in London last year. The flirt that he is had hit right, compliments were to lead him everywhere. I became a huge fan of the site of this guy who lives in Nottingham UK although he’s from South Africa. His blog is a varied collection of anything from wild sexual encounters with English Hooligans to overviews of Botswana’s history. Nomad – or Alan in real life – is a gay man, married with two children. He struggles between staying in England where he finally could get a decent job that helped him support his family back in Cape Town and moving back to South Africa, where he truly belongs risking not to get a good job.

I discovered Ms. Mac through my never-ending reference in the blog world, Rob7534’s site. I started visiting her and absolutely loved her stuff. No one like her can talk about the simple things of the life of an Australian expat-family in Switzerland. A mother of three and the wife of a hunk, Ms mac tells us how spontaneously her kids talk to their parents and what crazy things they’ve gone through recently. Such as “Dad, was Mom hot when she was thin?”
I got so hooked on Ms. Mac that I decided that the woman just had to be my friend. And I tell you, the day this star blogger added me on her blogroll was the happiest day of my life since Wonder Woman came out on DVD.

One cold winter morning, as I was having breakfast touring my blog roll as usual, I went and checked out my new Swedish friend’s (Scandinaviannova) blog. Scandinaviannova has since then mysteriously disappeared from the surface into the blizzard of northern Sweden. There was a comment there from one crazy woman who swore a lot, talked about her time in jail, etc… well all that saying the rudest but deepest and funniest things at the same time. I’ve always liked such strong personalities and unusual people and was therefore most intrigued by this new character. Babs Bitchin’ was her name. I went to her blog and was thrilled as she both scared and impressed me. I got completely hooked on her, her life, adventures, her past, present, future. Little did I know what a fantastic, fun, generous, full of empathy, outgoing and smart ass soul I had found. Yes, you may claim otherwise if you want to, but one thing is sure: among all of you I found her first!

Since then, Long island’s fiercest bitch has both inspired me and made me wet my pants. I simply adore this woman and have to meet her one day.

Again, Keiran came to me through Rob7534. A 23 year old musician from London who writes songs and is so talented. You can listen to what he does if you’re clever enough to find it on his blog. It’s absolutely brilliant! Additionally, the guy’s a genuine francophile! So, a talented musician mixed with a francophile, how perfect can it be?

It started when a butterfly came from the east and flew over my blog. I don’t really know where she came from (apart from the east) or what it was, but I surely became captivated by her and her background. This Portuguese desperate-expat –housewife in Denmark who lived in various parts of the world until she met her Danish better-half in Eastern Africa. The rest is history. Imagine how terrified I was the day the Eastern Butterfly that she was disappeared and was nowhere to be found. Thankfully and thanks to my fabulous site meter (bless it!), I managed to track her again. The naughty girl had become the Coffee Addict, telling us how much she hates stupid people (the Bush administration is top of her list) or how hooked she is on coffee. There’s always been this mystery around Nyasha (as she became later). She gave so little about herself in her blog at first that I couldn’t resist asking her tons of questions. (The official “à la Nomad” interview is still on its way).
After having changed identity 300 times as she’s moved from country to country, the girl has now decided to move from Blogger to WordPress. Such a restless attitude in Bloglandia and in life makes her the Portuguese female version of myself. Behind the perfect face, the good education and the civilized personality hides a genuine fierce bitch, I can tell you. Can’t get any better!

Di, a woman of mystery, this fun mother from Virginia who loves Cyclists’ legs is a recent read of mine and an occasional commenter I am seriously keeping track of.

Ian Ivy Du Bois, a handicapped bitch in recovery, as he calls himself is a drama queen from Argentina who is going through a tough time but who always keeps on cracking a joke. I’m starting to be quite hooked on the character too. Vivi from Dispatches from France is another of these blog stars in France. A poor American woman who ended up near Troyes (shit hole where some of my folks live) makes the best of the situation by singing in the local choir and rant about the French. Whatalotoffun from Port-Elizabeth, South Africa is a beautiful (so she says, we’re still waiting for the pics) who unfortunately doesn’t understand how her home internet works and has therefore not posted anything for a while. I’ll be checking her out though as I love giving her a hard time.

Many thanks as well to Buddess, the travelling Beaver, Snooze, Chuck, Ms.Bees Knees, Gina, Lucy, Xmichra, Tom Gaylord, Mary B, Bloingo and Marieke for visiting. I’m surely forgetting plenty.

Last but not least, those of you who understand French are welcome to visit Marsoupiote‘s site. A school teacher’s memories who lives in the south of France and who also happens to be my Mom.

Thanks to all of you for coping with the Frog with a Blog and for being a part of my life for one year. So here’s a thank you video for you.


30 Responses

  1. What a lovely tribute, Micke, but WAIT A SECOND … Bit of a hermit? Some kind of sad cat-fancier? I know it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you but purrrleeze 😀 Must go now, Kitty’s calling me…

  2. MARSOUPIOTE IS YOUR MOM!!!! OMG!!!!! i almost fell off my chair! i ran into the kitchen screaming “it is Frog’s mother!!!” to better-half who was pulling 2 espressos! He stared at me wondering what pill i had forgotten to take this morning!
    some months back i went to her blog to wish her “joyeux anniversaire” thinking it was your cousin or sister! A mom that blogs, WOW, that is just plain cool.
    Btw, joyeux bloggivairse Micke! A whole year. 100% accurate description. Tu me comprends. Pour ca que j’t’adore! 🙂

  3. the YouTube clip is pure genius! PURE GENIUS i tell you! too much creativity in your head, Micke! 🙂

  4. That video might just be the greatest thing of all time! On this occasion I have to agree with the pope.

    But wait, Wonderwoman is out on DVD?

  5. What a lovely commemoration. So, it was you that found me in the jungle. You are my Tarzan! I thought I’d found you but couldn’t remember how. I kind of pushed my way in too. Move over fellows Babs is here to stay. You poor men. I think Rob wrote, way back when that I was strange but he liked me or something to that effect. It is so odd that I just posted, today, that I was thinking it was my blog anniversary, just today! Micke, either way, it has been to my truest enjoyment and pleasure to have been blessed by knowing you. You’ve been more than good to me and I truly say this with love…You are like family to me and I hope one day to meet you to. I could then die a happy woman!

  6. I have been posting you havent been to my blog for a while. Im still battling to post photos. thanks for not forgetting about me and for giving me a hard time. maybe I can send you a photo by email if you want, dont want to scare the other bloggers away from my site now. JOKES.

  7. I tried to watch the video but I can only hear music am i doing someting wrong

  8. Oh! Micke! You are way too kind, thank you for the recognition, although it is misdirected at me/us.

    I wouldn’t be here if the content of your blog wasn’t superb in everyway! I didn’t find you, you lured me with your fantastic blog!

    My blog roll (and perhaps all of ours) is a stamp of aproval from the host blog. If I blogroll them, that says that I enjoy them, and I lend my credibility to them, so visit them all, and often!

    I don’t get to read as many new blogs as I used to, I move around slower now-a-days, but I am always excited about new bloggers with new ideas adding a new voice to our chorus.

    Happy Blog-iversity Micke! Here’s to hoping for another year of great writing.

    By the way, did you have to use that pic of me! Surely you could have used the update one, where I trimmed a little!

    Oh… and I didn’t know Marsoupiote was your mother! Excellent. Everyone in Paris has a blog!

  9. You and rhino are pleasing to the eye. I found myself smiling when I saw that picture. I love you both. Is it possible to have love for two men, I’ve yet to meet. Am I being whishy washy? Yes, it is possible to love someone you’ve never meet, to fall in love with their words and actions. And yes a bit wishy washy but it’s the only kind I allow myself.
    Synapse; I love the hell out you guys, I really do and would swim there if I thought it were possible. Kisses my Prince! Notice, it is AM for me and I am sober but remember a drunkerd tells no lies, anyway!

  10. Friggin’ brilliant! That video was better than Big Brother’s Best Bits!

    And imagine my delight when you showed up at Ms Mac one day!!!

    Hapy One Year!

  11. Rhino, oh hermit, not an ermite of course, thanks for the smooth correction again! I’m a Kermit myself, so you’re better out that way.

    Nyasha, I can just picture Better-Half’s face when/if you said that. he must’ve been like: Frog WTF? Marsoupiote WTF? Blog WTF? My wife turning mad, WTH? it would be interesting if you blogged about Better Half’s attitude about your naughty blogging habits btw, does he think you’re completely desperate, does he think we are all desperate? Do I think I am desperate? hm…

    Thanks Keiran, yes Wonder Woman is out on DVD, season 1 And 2! My birthday’s in a few weeks.

    WTF: I just have one thing to say: WTF are you doing to your internet? Get broadband or whatever NOW! or we might forget about you soon and this time for real! ok, kidding, how could I forget about such a goodlooking woman?

    Babs, my dearest dearest, love you too. Glad you’re here to stay. How are we going to do to meet? We gotta organize this someday. Promise?

    Robbie baby, thank you dear, I am like you, lazier by the years and it’s true for me too that I don’t read that many new blogs any longer. Re: the pic, I couldn’t find the new trimmed one on your blog. So please send it to me. mickelino@hotmail.fr and I will change it + naked ones (I’ll keep these for myself)

    Ms. Mac, what if we put 10 bloggers in an apartment for 3 months, would they communicate live or would they use their webcams to talk to each other? I’m wondering.

  12. FYI, the above was published by truly yours, for some reason I didn’t remember how to post unanymously. Sorry had too much to drink tonight. Just came back from a wedding and am still celebrating with my sister at my place.

  13. I’m an interpreter as I’ve been drinking too and I speak JIVE. I completely understand, no I’m not yelling, am I? We must get together one of these days. If you ever come to the East Coast, I will drive to hell and back to see you. If I come across some really good money, I’m coming to Paris, that’s it and that’s all. You are my Prince!! Mwah!!(I am typing very hard so you get this message)

  14. I just looked at your new pictures, very nice. Where were you with the big books? What a muscle bound stud you are in your green trunks, woohoo!!

  15. Babs, the book pic is from Berlin. The other one is from St Martins in the Caribeans, last year.

  16. Frog, you are up very late, my goodness or up very early, I tend to think very late. Life of a socialite is such,lol!I love those pics, well all of them really.

  17. btw, can’t you post a picture of Marsoupiote at some point? do you take after mom or dad? (curious me…)

  18. Well Babs, I don’t know what time you wrote this, but one thing I can tell you is that I’m awake now although you might not know what time it is now.

    Nyasha, I’ll have to ask Marsoupiote to hear if she wants to appear on the blog. People say I look more like my father, especially in that recent picture I posted of him… Anyway, I’m supposed to have her eyes, I hear.

  19. I nearly said something to you, you can be glad its a joke well i hope so lets see if you will get it. Ek sal jou moer as jy van my vergeet o padda man

  20. i don’t think much about much these days. i’ve stopped thinking. but taking that pill in the morning is crucial. so it is not the blogging, it is the pill.

  21. happy bloggiversary frog!!! I can’t believe you had so many video posts!! I missed so many!! And I even got an honorable mention!!

    haha, and i love the end shot in the water, priceless!!

  22. WTF, translation needed, got lost here!

    Jungle Jim, Well, well, what a pleasure to see you here! Please, do not forget about the pill, force feeding is always an option, do you want me to come over and help you stabilize the animal at pill-time?

    Xmichra: Some of the video clips were actually the bloopers of some of the things I made. A whole blooper session is still to be aired! So happy to see you here, my dear!

  23. Frog, you are one talented fellow. I wish you lived around the corner cause I want some of that wine and a ciggie. (stress you know!) We love you babe! I love me some sexy frog legs too!

  24. Froggy, whatcha doin’??? I agree with Di, I wish you were around the corner and I love me some frog legs, too!!

  25. we want the YouTube clip of Miss France head-butting the other air-head. that looked like fun! 🙂

  26. I will f&*k you up if you forget about me got it

  27. WTF, that’s more like it, I love it when you talk to me that way!

  28. Oh, she’s breakin’ bad on ya froggy! I think you’d better heed that and not forget! How’s life in gay Paris’, darlin’?

  29. glad you got the picture or do you still want me to draw on for you darling froggie when are you visiting sa it will be so much fun remember buddess and I will be your tour guides

  30. WTF: Do you want to draw a picture for me? OK sounds great! Please draw, please draw?
    I’d love to visit SA i don’t think it’ll again, but I don’t think it’ll happen for a while.

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