Chubby tadpole

What happened to this chubby child? This picture must be from 1974/1975, am not sure, the original color of the sweater is orange, the hair is gone and the chubbiness remains in spite of super skinny years between age 4 and 30.
This is a meme I found on Chuck‘s site (one hilarious guy, I tell ya!). The mission: post a picture of yourself on your blog of a time in your life when you were “bright eyed and clueless” to what lay ahead in your life. Bright-eyed I’ve never been, clueless: I still am.

My sweater is still orange and so is the future.


14 Responses

  1. Oooooooooooooh, I wanna pinch those cheeks you lil’ bugger.You were so cute.I’ll bet you were a very precocious but mischeivious child. God bless your Mother. You were always throwing kitties out the windows and such. But at least you’re honest which is an admirable quality. Good-night my sweet. You’re probaly tucked into you ooooooh so uncomfortable apartment. It’s hot here too. I have an aversion for heat, I really do. It really brings out the bitch in me. Sweet Dreams!

  2. Babs, what are you doing up!!!??
    That is such a cute photo…I’m going to Chuck’s right no…

  3. Jersey in da house, holla!Frog it just occurred to me, that you are the same age, probably a year or two older than my son and I never thought of you that way.Lee was born in Jan. 1976, so you were probably, what two in that pic, right? When you turned 30, did it hit you hard or not?

  4. aw, what a cutie! a hearbreaker at age 2! 😀 I need to go dig for a picture as well.

  5. Thanks ladies, I think the photo looks like it was years taken many before 1974/74. But it’s a photo of a photo, so the quality’s not that great.

    Babs, I was born in 1972, so I’m much older than your son. I’m turning 34 in September.

  6. Another September baby! 🙂 Aren’t we great?

    You are adorable–chubby cheeks and dreamy eyes.

  7. Frog Darling, I tried to email you a couple things and it was sent back to me. If you don’t mind, email me @ so I can send it to you, ok? Kisses!!

  8. AWW! you were the cuttest little boy! ANd what a great tag this is! Chuck is brilliant.

  9. Very cute! And I can tell it’s you. You should never have let that orange sweater go, though. Fashion cycles and all. I have a REALLY chubby baby photo, I’ll have to dig it out…

  10. Just want to grab up and kiss that perfect little face!!!! I love the sweater — I like dressing children up in clothes that don’t have bears, bunnies, chicks, clowns, and puppies on them. I lost the first comment, hope this one goes alright.


  11. This makes me want to trott out my chubby baby pics too!

  12. great photo mickelino, i was living in california and in the fourth grade in ’74, thanks for stopping by and playing along.

  13. that is such a cute little photo not to mention the little cute face. you were such a cute baby.

  14. My word, you haven’t changed a bit!

    I just got my hands on a lot of old photos so I’ll be posting one as soon as I find out how to work the new scanner!

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