Part 2: We never went to Morocco either

Yesterday night I quickly cooked some pasta filled with cheese. The cheap version of ravioli. 89 cents per pack. Good deal. I added cream and extra cheese. I really like cheese, you see.

Then My friend J. called and said we should have a drink. So I ran down and had a drink. I left my pasta on the stove after having eaten it and before going for a drink. I turned off the stove before I left, don’t worry. I also left it on the stove all night. Oh and my apartment was just elected warmest place in France (I’m under the roof, exposed to the south and have no aircon, just a fan. I think it’s the only fan I’ll ever have so I named him Stan. Stan the Fan.
This morning, I woke up late and was so happy to discover the rest of my pasta waiting for me on the stove. I had forgotten to put it in the fridge, but what the hell, a little bacteria has never hurt anybody, I thought.
I have been hating myself everytime I’ve sat on the damn toilet today, having several Niagara-like explosions, rolling myself on the floor with stomach pains and throwing up like… Have you seen the movie The Exorcist? You know when the girl vomits green liquid? Well then you get the picture.

So I’m feeling a bit weak today and a bit sorry for myself too. I went to the Pharmacy and the lady who works there laughed at me when I told her my story. She took a step back to talk to me. I’m sure she could feel the cheese left in my nostrils.

This is how I’m feeling today.

Lesson of the day: Use Fridge.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, we never made it to Morocco either. That’s it…
We never made it to Morocco because we thought it would be too hot there in July plus none of us 5 could agree on the final destination in Morocco. Should it be the north with Fes, Tangiers, Meknes, Chefchaouen, Rabat etc… or should it be the south: Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira? We bought 5 different guidebooks and in the end, the 5 of us wanted to go to 5 different places.
I should also say that my friends and I met every Wednesday during the past 4 months to plan our summer trip. Every Wednesday, we would change destination. It was becoming tiring and scary. The more we met, the more north the destination went. Soon we would be spending our vacation in Belgium, or God forbid, England. Oh dear!

So after having planned trips that would take us to luxurious cabins in the Algerian desert, exquisite ornate and lush Riads in Morocco, houses carved in caves in Southern Spain, fancy hotels along the breeze of the Atlantic in Portugal, a mini-mansion in Northern Italy, we ended up renting a trailer in Corsica.
Why a trailer (le camping-car in French) you are asking? Well, it’s the perfect combination between a hotel and a car, duh! It’s fun, it’s like we’re suddenly hippies on the road, just staying over anywhere we want for the night. Yes! we knew we were going to be so cool and sooo free. We even knew exactly what kind of music we would play while driving. We had the whole picture in our heads, it was going to be one excellent road movie.

Coming soon: Part 3, How Mickelino fell into a ravine trying to empty the trailer’s chemical toilet.


5 Responses

  1. sorry to hear that penicilin pasta affected your stomach! shall i come over and make some chicken broth? une petite bouillie? tum me fais signe, ok.
    probably Corsica was the best deal for this time of year. 🙂 we travelled for a month last year mid-july to mid-august, and we did Tetouan, Chefchaouen, Meknès, Larache and back through Tanger. Chefchaouen was nice and cool because it sits in the mountains of the Rif, but in Meknès we almost perished under 51 degrees Celcius. Better-half wanted to take the 4×4 down to Essaouira and down to the Sahara, but we had no time…. But one day in winter….

  2. Wow, a trailer.

    Ok. I can see how you can make that decision, it can be a great road trip!

    I hope you took your video camera! 🙂

  3. Just make sure your trailer has a fridge!!! Don’t want a repeat episode….can’t wait to hear more about the trip!!!

  4. Can I come on the next adventure? Please. But I am dying to hear about the chemical toilet. 🙂

  5. What a cliff hanger episode, literally, huh? I can’t wait for the next installment. I sure hope you are feeling better real soon. You’re doing the Mexican Hat Dance, eh? Two rules, don’t drink the water and always refridge cream/cheese sause.And most importantly, you must reheat leftovers to 165 degrees to kill bacteria.You can’t assume your Casa is a huge warming bin, it just doesn’t work.
    BTW, I was taken to the same church to be exorcised by the priests at Georgetown University, where all of the Exorcist was filmed, I swear. Where the stairs are that the father fell or was flung, out of the window, there is no window, only solid brick wall. But the stairs are crazy wicked steep and I’m not afraid of heights.I’ve walked the warf where the father walked in the film, parties down there all the time. Georgetown is where I did the 70’s. Talk about some stories, woohoo.I’m chatty tonite, huh? Hope you feel better. Get some opium, that’ll do the trick and drink lots of water to hydrate yourself.! Mwah!!

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