Monitor Chain

Photograph this blog post (including your monitor and its immediate surroundings), and post the resulting pic on your blog. Then, the next person photographs your blog post and posts it, and so on. Leave your post URL in the comments so people will be able to follow the chain, and link your image to the post you photographed… this way people will be able to zoom into the monitors by clicking.


6 Responses

  1. yay!! 😀 love the bottle that encourages you to “do-it” (hmmm, do what exactly?) and love the “panier”/pot – whatever you have on the left of your laptop. African? maybe?

  2. The bottle says Badoit, a brand of sparkling water. The basket is a little zulu basket I bought in South Africa a few years ago.

  3. Badoit — boring boring boring! LOL. you just had to spoil it, didn’tchya? Let’s leave it at “do-it”, shall we? *gun pointing at your head*

  4. ah, juste um ptit commentaire: supposement, when one clicks on the picture on your post it should link it to the same post in my blog. If you click on my picture it links to Xmichras, etc… etc… and this way you can click away to the source, the one that started it all!

  5. oh i see, didn’t get that, but i guess that’s logical.
    ok done.

  6. I’m utterly lost and abandoned on this link the pic thing. If anyone can take pity on a fat bitch please do.

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