News #1: I’m going to Corsica for a week this coming Friday. Going there with my sporty friends again. So as I’ve been abundantly munching on cookies and sipping wine and beer lately, feeling stuffed each time, I decided to go back to the gym on Saturday in order to not look too scary on the beach among my sporty friends. I worked out for about 30 minutes and I haven’t been able to move since.

News #2: I’ve joined a theater group again. It’s a bilingual group, French and Italian. The director is Italian and doesn’t speak French. By the way, I don’t speak a word of Italian. WTF?
News #3: I’m having an open blog next week so I’d like you to write my posts while I’m away and imagine what I’m doing on hols. I’ll give you a temporary password by email to access my dashboard. Who’s interested?… thought I’d ask before I force you to do it.

Till then I’m praying that the current hot weather can make me perspire a kilo or two.


23 Responses

  1. WTF are you eating? sorry i got too distracted trying to figure out what you are spooning into your mouth! but the setting looks SOOOOOOO but oh SOOOO romantic 😀
    btw, your life is just one big vacation it seems (it is just my sorry jealous ass commenting….)

  2. Nyasha my dear, I was eating some very expensive pasta dish that didn’t taste much. The setting was great though at the foot of Notre-Dame on a little boat.
    Now Nyasha Baby, I’m counting on you to write my blog next week…
    So yes … or yes?

  3. What on earth where you doing on a bateau-mouche Micke? The theatre group sounds kind of fun, if a little complicated. Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday!! mwah.

  4. at the risk of scaring all your blog friends and faithful readers away…. but you can send the password to meeeee mail (check meeee blog profile) – at your own risk my friend – i want no responsability in crashing your site or anything related to that…

  5. The theatre group sounds wonderfully dramatic and something which will suit our favourite Frog with a Blog right down to the ground! I know two words in Italian- Bella! and Baci, I challenge you to use them next time at your theatre group!

  6. So Ms Mac & Rhino, are you interested in writing a little post for me next week?

    Btw, it’s not like you have a choice really…

    Will bring you souvenirs if you do, in the shape of alcoholic presents.

    word verif says: foakme

  7. What?? EXTRA blog duty? I’m flattered to be asked, of course. But fear I must decline (ooh, slipped into Jane Austen mode there – “Who can ever be tired of Corsica?”)

  8. Are my comments being boycotted? I left two on here last night and they’re gone. (((HUGS)))

  9. What, babs, please, write them again, I haven’t seen them!!!! How weird!

  10. Corsica! I envy your travel record Micke! One day I hope to be as International, and well travelled as you!

    I can only hope. I want to hear all about the Italian Theatre Group, and the holiday w/the sporty friends.

    Good luck babe, and have fun!


  11. félicitations! j’ai aussi chanté la Marseillaise hier. Le football c’est comme ca. Les uns gagne les autres perde. On peu pas tout avoir. 😀 Hehe.

  12. Hey, I finally came here and read your blog, I saw your logo on Di’s blog. I liked it, you have a real flair. I liked it so much, I almost deleted the horrible anti-French sarcastic jokes on my own blog, but came to my senses in time and didn’t. After all, they’re only JOKES!

  13. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    I’m still alive. So sorry to have neglected you. But, rest assured, you are not the only one I have neglected.


  14. Frog, have a lovely time and breathe some foreign air for me. Tout mon amour, Monsieur Frog!!

  15. Well, let’s forget about this open blog and do it some other time as I don’t feel the inspiration through the cyber skies. Anyway, I’m off, see you again soon!

  16. By the way, Montanus, nice to see you here! Please carry on with the anti-French jokes and send me a copy.

  17. if im posting for u… could I publish the pic we took of us wearing nothing but a mexican sombrero?

  18. Frog, I hope you are having a wonderful time. Ian is so bad isn’t he, yet so good?!

  19. Frog, whatalotoffun wanted me to pass on her email address;please email me your post so that i could stay in touch my email is chill@johnnicec.co.za

    Love you frog and miss you already!!

  20. Missin’ you Mickelino!Good-night kisses!

  21. OK, one week is tomorrow. That’s all you get. Do I have to come looking for you? Cause when I find you Le Monsieur Frog, je vous ferai boire du vin et de cigarettes fumées avant que vous laissiez tomber!!

  22. I know shit about what she said… but sounds like fucking painfull!!!!!!!

  23. Ian, I threatened him with a good time! Frog, I truly am lost w/o you!

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