Nyasha, now it’s you and me, baby…

First, we had to deal with our Latin brothers’ (Portugal) victory over England and now France’s victory over Brazil just took the biscuit. I’m not crazy about football, but it’s hard not to get excited about it today. France beat the world champion and are now meeting Portugal in semi-final. Oooh, it’s going to be good, really good!
I’ve just been down to Bastille square and the whole of Paris is partying, screaming, escalading the Bastille Monument, waving flags, North African, Western African and pale French are hugging, old grannies are waving their walking-sticks and on my way back home I even saw Jews and Arabs hugging and jumping together outside a synagogue! As I’m writing this, I can still hear people shouting.
All of this is puzzling, I don’t know if I dare to be happy about it but in this country where the economy is crap, where people have recently been very depressed and demotivated, where racism has never been higher, I guess there’s a little hope and it doesn’t require much (a bunch of men with a blue T-shirts and a ball) to be happy to live together again.
So Nyasha, it’s France against Portugal now! It’s you and me, baby! See you on Wednesday for the big game et que le meilleur gagne…

And that’s how excited I was this afternoon before the game!


4 Responses

  1. I watched the match, well both of them actually (France and Brazil, and England and Portugal), and I was very happy to see France win! Not so happy to see Portugal win but England played like shit so…

  2. i don’t think i have ever seen anyone more excited than you! and i don’t think i ever will, because it is just impossible! Hahahaha! RIRES INCONTROLABLES!
    may the best man win. get out the wine and the cheese and we will celebrate regardless the result!

  3. You are amazing Micke. The level of self-control which you have demonstrated just now proves you have super human powers! How you can contain all that emotion is beyone me, like a volcano ready to erupt!

    By the way, your template is acting funny again! How is that you manage to mangle the damn thing ALL the time! You do the oddest things to your postings, and I cannot be sure if you are an HTML genius, or randomly inserting html tags that are unknown to the rest of the html world?


  4. Di, actually if Portugal wins I want them to win the whole thing, ‘cos among the last 4 teams, they’re the only ones who haven’t won theWC yet. But don’t tell Nyasha, as I’m supposed to be her worst ennemy until Wednesday.

    Nyasha: You can count on me to celebrate regardless.

    Rob, I saw how crazy my template acted. It should be solved now, right? (am not really sure what I did, but I somehow managed to solve it.–>

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