While you’re waiting…

Hark Ye fellow bloggers!

My life has been a bit crazy lately, both at work and on a more personal front. But I’m ok now and I did find time to go to a blog meet though and met this talented blogger, I’ve also been partying with good friends, been to the Fête de la Musique and totally missed the Gay Pride (didn’t even remember it was on). I’ll be back soon with some more hopping news. In the meantime, please enjoy a little tribute from my dear Babs, the funniest, sexiest, craziest, bitchiest, most dangerous, most admirable woman on Long Island. She recorded this little program on her WCRZ Crazy Radio show. The podcast show that soon should be competing with Oprah and David Letterman: Profile of a Serial Blogger. The woman is completely crazy and I’m just crazy about her. She sings, she tells stories, she swears, she’s just all I like in a woman. And she squeezes my tushy every now and oooh I like it.

Click on the crazy bitch button to hear the recording.

Thanks Babs!


11 Responses

  1. This post has been removed by the author.

  2. OMG, I just love you. You’re in for a really big squeeze now.I hope the sun is shining on you today. Actually, right now you are fast asleep curled up with your cigarettes, wine glass, ashtray and remote, right beside you on the nightstand. Damn, I just got chocolate all over the keyboard. Eating a Ring Ding and typing is not advisable. Sweet dreams my Frog, know that you are loved!!

  3. sorry, the Williams Pest control is me,Babs. I’m working on his template. Like I know what the fuck I’m doing, designing blogs. He’s my son-in-law.

  4. excellent stuff Babs 🙂 i find it hillarious that we are all commenting on each others’ blogs and we are just a nice group of nice people who happen to have nice and interesting blogs 🙂 Hurray for crazy blog friends.

  5. NYASHA,
    FROG,I agree!!I’ve seen some really lame blogs but I don’t think any of our blogs are lame. Crazy yes, lame no!!
    Hi froggy baby!!

  6. good to have you back!! But why have you linbked to some blokes’s pics of LAST YEAR’S Paris pride instead of my own “wonderful” ones from this year?? Wounded du 3e

  7. ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!!!! 3 goals! Amazing. Zidadine’s was just amazing!
    See you in the semi-finals 🙂 mwahahaha.

  8. Real bloggers meeting real bloggers in the real world. Whatever next? Congratulations to France – I want the Queen to give Thierry Henry the highest honour possible. God bless his gallic style.

  9. Was France playing last night??? Well actually I know, not that I watched the game but I got the score through my windows, the millions of people who were screamming all at the same time, three times in total and then all those people celebrating all night. I’m glad they’re celebrating now, as it might be the last time they get to do it in this world cup. Brazil is next I hear… that’s gonna be fun.

  10. Brazil who? That is going to be a piece of cake! A walk in the park. France finally woke up from its slumber and it is going to start kicking some ass! (mind you, i don’t watch football except for the World Cup)…
    So the Parisian fans didn’t let you sleep huh? enfin une bonne raison de vivre em campagne!

  11. *waves* … I seem to have been a snob not commenting in here!! I am horrid. I will take my lashings… tee hee 😉

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