Wet people in the métro

During the past few nights I came across a few wet people in the métro. For a while I thought more and more people suffered from abundant perspiration problems because of the heat but last night I started to understand what was happening. Have a look.

When the sun shines and the evenings are warm, Parisians gather around the quaint Canal St Martin in central Paris and have picnics. The latter usually end up in alcohol orgies and quite a few people fall in the canal. This canal, as most inner cities’ strams of water, is quite filthy and all sorts of things float, from excrement to dead bodies.
As you know, when one gets drunk one thinks that most ugly people are suddenly very attractive, the same way when one is drunk, one tends to think that a filthy canal is as pure as a bath of Evian water. It’s nontheless fun to see people jump off bridges and imagine how much their body is going to itch during the night and how fun it’s going to be for them to return home, totally wet in the métro.

Have a wet weekend.


15 Responses

  1. It is very hot in Paris?
    It is rainy season in Tokyo, humid and hot.

  2. Oh the funk of it all!! I hate any swimming in anything but a pool really. I will go into the ocean but never in the river or the creek, not after finding leeches all over me and one making bloodlust to my wooha. Nope, you can’t make me do it I just don’t like it! I tried to pretend I was a country girl but it is a myth, a fabrication, a bold faced lie!

  3. Ewwww, I can’t believe people actually jump in. They’re nuts. A friend of mine who lives just by the canal was just moaning the other day about the smell from all the rubbish/urine/etc. that’s being dumped in there these days.

  4. can u tell us exactly wich one were u?

  5. I seem to recall that Katherine Hepburn fell into one of the canals in Venice during the making of a film in about 1959 and suffered from an eye infection for the rest of her life.

    That was an itch that lasted a lot longer than the proverbial 7 years.

  6. cleopatra bathed in milk and honey -maybe there are some beauty secrets in swimming in water with stools floating by. 😉
    i’ll have to research that Hepburn story, it has now trigged my curiosity.

  7. coucou, un petit bonjour en passant, plutot tres sympa ton site,peut etre au détour d’un de ces jours, bye

  8. I miss you Frog!

  9. I miss you too.

  10. i miss you three 😀

  11. sheer laziness, I call it!

  12. You guys are sweet, I love it when people miss me… well, I have about 30 unfinished posts and I can never finish any of them. So Rhino is right, laziness and too much work, but since you won’t believe the latter, I’ll stick to laziness.

    Lucy: Well, it was very warm a few days ago and now it’s turned milder.

    Bloingo: Salut et bienvenue et à très bientôt!

  13. EWWWWWW!
    We here think that the French are too stuck up to let their hair down like that…Having lived in Sweden before you OWE us the truth! Do the girls really get prettier at closin time or are these the “tacky Americans” tossing themselves off?

  14. Too much work makes Frog a dull boy…so I’ll write you an excuse for work, a doctor’s excuse if you’d like and you can take a whole month off. Trust me, I’m quite good as I’ve been forging notes since 4th grade and Doctor’s scripts and notes since my 30’s.Anything you want, you just let me know my Mickelino!!

  15. Ewwwwwww……. the thought of swimming in that water is making me itch!!!

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