Yesterday morning, I woke up at the last minute as usual, ran into the shower, got dressed, took my bag with my work laptop, ran to the subway, missed it, moaned and hated myself for being this constantly late person. Finally got another métro. After a couple of stations, I checked if I hadn’t forgotten anything home, since I always do, but realized that I had actually taken more things than I needed. Indeed, the stinky garbage bag I was supposed to throw away downstairs was still with me on the métro.
I had to get off at the next station to find a trash can where I could leave it but if you’ve been to Paris, you may know that for security reasons and to prevent maniacs from putting bombs into them, trash-cans’ openings are too small to leave your garbage bags in them.
I was in a hurry and considered leaving my garbage bag on the platform and just run away. But then I felt guilty plus I started thinking that if someone saw a guy leave a bag in the métro and then run away, it would certainly be taken as “unattended baggage”, terror attack and so on and so forth. So I had to go out of the métro to find a big street trash can where I left my unwelcome guest. Unfortunately, this was not the first time it happened to me as I once went to the grocery store with my garbage bag.
I’m overworked, I need a vacation.

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  1. In the meantime, everyone’s like, “why is that guy carrying around his garbage” and you’re all like “i’m totally carrying around this garbage bag on purpose” until you can get rid of it.

    Yep, sounds like something I would do!

  2. Sorry…I can’t stop giggling over this picture of you and your garbage touring the city together. Thanks!

  3. Always knew you like a bit of trash.

  4. Stand tall, stand proud caring that good French garbage.Kisses my prince!!

  5. HA! I love this story, and all the witty comments!

  6. Now this is a trashy story if ever I heard one!! I have two toddlers at home and once I found a pair of panties stuffed into my handbag. Present left by one of them obviously – I was standing at the checkout at the supermarket and had to remove them to get to my wallet – not funny at all.

  7. wish i was there to see your face expression looking for the nearest trash can. so jy het my gemis ek is bly. So hoe gaan dit. Lyk my jy het klasse gehad in Afrikaans want jy doen glad nie te sleg nie.
    So my dear friend have a nice day. will have internet at home soon then we can start on the lesson OK.

  8. buddess, I’ve found someone else’s wallet in my shopping cart,my kids were theives at the age of two!

  9. kinda kids Baabs. Our métro’s (copy & pasted your version of metro) have the same type of trash cans Frog..frustrating little slots aren’t they. But hey I applaud your social consciousness and am willing to bet you recycle too. Do they fine in France for leaving garbage behind..they do hear..hell they will even fine you if you don’t use proper store bought garbage bags with twist ties..I kid you not. This province is seriously bored..but what can you expect from a place that actually employ’s language police, et al.

    Thanks for making me smile big time at the thought of you racing around like madman at prime rush hour with garbage in hand.–>

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